From the Conversation|Let’s treat the social causes of illness rather than just disease

The ‘Conversation’ today 1 October 2013 – re blogged by Grace Gawler: Let’s treat the social causes of illness rather than just disease. Fiona Stanley is the director of this year’s Melbourne Festival of Ideas: The Art and Science of Wellbeing, which opens today and continues until October 6, 2013. She is a Perinatal and pediatric epidemiologist; founding director and patron of the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research and a distinguished professorial fellow at University of Western Australia.

Authored by Fiona Stanley and Published in the ‘Conversation’ today 1 October 2013 – re blogged by Grace Gawler.

Fiona Stanley
Fiona Stanley

Fiona Stanley is the director of this year’s Melbourne Festival of Ideas: The Art and Science of Wellbeing, which opens today and continues until October 6, 2013.

Perinatal and pediatric epidemiologist; founding director and patron of the Telethon Institute for Child Health Research; distinguished professorial fellow at University of Western Australia

Let’s treat the social causes of illness rather than just disease

By Fiona Stanley, University of Western Australia

Fiona Stanley is the director of this year’s Melbourne Festival of Ideas: The Art and Science of Wellbeing, which opens today and continues until October 6, 2013.

Here she explains the ethos behind the Festival’s program.

Diseases are complex and their causes myriad. A relatively new field of research known as the “social determinants of health” shows that merely treating illness is not the best approach to what ails us, we need a comprehensive overhaul of what we are doing and to address underlying social mechanisms that harm well-being.

My medical training in the 1970s focused on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases – it rarely addressed the question of why people got them.

But as a young doctor working in child health, particularly with Aboriginal children, it became obvious to me that prevention of disease was by far the best way to practice medicine; it’s more humane and definitely more cost-effective.

In 1972, I left Australia to study epidemiology and public health in the United Kingdom and then the United States, where these disciplines were well advanced. I learnt of the limitations of modern medicine, that prevention was the key to health and that many diseases commenced in social adversity.

The most exciting thing for me was that it was also the beginning of the push for disease registers, large population data sets and data linkage – all skills I brought back to Australia. Continue reading “From the Conversation|Let’s treat the social causes of illness rather than just disease”

The Man who Saved a Million Lives | Prof Ian Frazer – book review Grace Gawler

Author of ‘Ian Frazer … The man who saved a million lives’, Brisbane’s Madonna King, has certainly done justice to telling the life story and, scientific story of Prof Ian Frazer, one of Australia’s leading medical and scientific researchers.I also had the pleasure of interviewing Prof Ian Frazer on my educational US based internet radio series “Navigating the Cancer Maze”. If you missed this interview – it comes as highly recommended as the book about his life and work.

Author of ‘Ian Frazer … The man who saved a million lives’, Brisbane’s Madonna King, has certainly done justice to telling the life story and, scientific story of Prof Ian Frazer, one of Australia’s leading medical and scientific researchers.

A Review.

In 2012 I heard Prof Frazer give an excellent presentation to a Prostate Cancer Support group at Tweed heads. I was impressed, because here was a man clearly still as passionate about his work as when he began in the field of medicine, virology and immunology decades prior. Born in the same year as myself, we shared a hero.

Prof Ian Frazer
The Book that tells of story of one of the most important discoveries in recent medical science

 Ian Frazer grew up in the era of TV scientist Prof Julius Sumner-Miller whose program was called “Why is it so”? I have met so many scientists around the world who name Prof Sumner-Miller as their early inspiration to pursuit of a scientific career – What a legacy he left!

I also had the pleasure of interviewing Prof Ian Frazer on my educational US based internet radio series “Navigating the Cancer Maze”. If you missed this interview – it comes as highly recommended as the book about his life and work.

It is not easy to maintain that degree of dedication and passion that Ian Frazer exudes; he must work hideously long hours. Although very gracious and compassionate one gets the sense that here is a man whose reputation has been hard-earned and at a cost. The world of science, research and pharmaceutical companies is highly competitive and it is this part of the book that is so revealing about the dogged nature of Prof Frazer. Yet, this is softened by the care and compassion threaded throughout the pages especially when it came to sharing the accolades with colleagues such as  Jian Zhou.

The unexpected fight of his life and the lives of his fellow researchers began following a published paper in the Journal Virology by his colleague the late Jian Zhou, his wife Xiao Yi Sun, Deborah Stenzel and Prof Frazer. The paper was to be presented at a conference in Seattle in the USA , and at the last minute – a patent was issued in Queensland before  Jian Zhou and Ian Frazer left Australia to present one of the world’s biggest breakthroughs in the fight against cervical cancer. However – what ensued over the coming years was a court case to determine who was the real inventor/owner of the world’s first HPV vaccine…it was declared it was not Australia – but the US Georgetown based researchers that deserved first place and the right to say they developed the Vaccine. It was not until August 2007 that this judgement was reversed!

The story is complex but Madonna King weaves her literary skill…. the battle for rightful Australian and not US ownership of the vaccine discovery and patent reads like a spy novel crossed with a television drama – it would make a great Australian mini-series!

This book is not only significant in describing the story line of Prof Ian Frazer the man and his family and colleagues – but also it paints a picture of the behind the scenes pressures and skulduggery that happens in a medical research  world that most of us know little about.  It is complex and convoluted and of course as well as the discoveries – there is always the financial rewards that creates a competitive race to the finish-line approach. You will read about pharmaceutical companies, ethics and laws and the struggles that ensued to bring truth and a humane discovery to light.  Prof Ian Frazer and his team shine throughout.

I would highly recommend this book. It is a great read for anybody  who wants to know the science and reason and efforts behind the development of the cervical vaccine that Prof Frazer and the late Jian Zhou pioneered; and, as well, Madonna King shows us the human faces and lives of the people behind science and research that makes our live better. The book is aptly titled….”‘Ian Frazer … The man who saved a million lives’.

A great Christmas gift!

How to get your copy: available in Australia from Dymocks, Target and many other bookstores.

Not available in e-book yet, the book is published by University of Queensland Press BUY ONLINE HERE

Grace Gawler Swiss Herbal Tonic-Strath Successfully Impacts Wellbeing and Quality of Life in Cancer Patients during Chemo and Radiation Therapy

Swiss Herbal Tonic-Strath Successfully Impacts Wellbeing and Quality of Life in Cancer Patients during Chemo and Radiation Therapy. More than 35 years ago I was introduced to Strath Tonic. I began prescribing it for radiotherapy patients.

Navigating the Cancer Maze – The Swiss Herbal tonic everyone should know about!  Interview with David Pestalozzi Switzerland on Voice America – Grace Gawler

August 9, 2013

SUMMARY: Part One – During a recent visit to Switzerland I interviewed David Pestalozzi the CEO and MD of Strath tonic (also known as Bio-Strath).

The home of strath tonic Switzerland overlooking Lake Zurich.
The home of strath tonic Switzerland overlooking Lake Zurich.

 !2 Km from Lake Zurich, carved into a lush green hillside sits the small factory where Strath is produced. It looks like a scene from a Swiss chocolate box. After our visit David kindly gave some of those too!

There is a lot to know about supplements for cancer patients undergoing conventional treatments. More than 35 years ago I was introduced to Strath Tonic. I began prescribing it for radiotherapy patients. Radiotherapists wrote to me asking why my patients were doing so well. Strath is proven to be the tonic beyond tonics. The formula makes use of the ability of yeast cells to “digest” extracts of 50 herbs added to them. The essence from these herbs is totally absorbable in the human body. It was 1948 when Fred Pestalozzi was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease. He approached German chemist, Walter Strathmeyer for help. After taking Strath, Fred’s health improved dramatically. Eventually the recipe was obtained and the Strath Company was created in 1961.Today Strath is sold in over 50 countries. Taking Strath regularly can increase concentration, improve memory, bone health, boost health after surgery or chemo/radio therapy and improve performance in children with ADD. Watch the movie at Bio-Strath AG


David Pestalozzi, son of the founder of Bio-Strath (also known as Strath) is CEO and Managing Director of this highly successful self-made Swiss company. Directing a staff of 18, the family firm, Bio-Strath*amazingly supplies half the world with its natural food supplement, managing to hold its own against pharmaceutical giants. A testimony unto itself, Bio-Strath AG has been successfully marketing the same product, unchanged, for almost 50 years!  Fred Pestalozzi, David’s father set up the company in 1961. In 1948 he met German chemist, Walter Strathmeyer. His interest was piqued due to his medical condition; Meniere’s disease. After taking Strath, life changed for Fred. His health improved dramatically. Today Strath is sold in over 50 countries across the world. Since 1964 the production plant for “Strath” has been based above Herrliberg. David Pestalozzi carries forward the tradition with a range of Strath*(Bio-Strath) products.

Listen to today’s show – Streamed live to air 12 noon Arizona USA time – 5 am Queensland Australia time. If you missed the show live and it is not uploaded when you select the link – please return in a few hours.

Where to Find Strath – USA – Australia – Switzerland/Europe and global:

United States: Nature’s Answer Inc.
75 Commerce Drive
Hauppauge, NY 11788

Australia: Bioforce Australia Pty Ltd. Factory 4
4/34 Hightech Place
Lilydale VIC 3140

Switzerland & world-wide enquiries

David and father Fred Pestalozzi - founder Bio-Strath (Strath) Tonic
David and father Fred Pestalozzi – founder Bio-Strath (Strath) Tonic

Strath fermentation vats  Herrliberg near Zurich

Strath in the vat
Strath maturing in the vat
Strath - bottling unit.
Strath – bottling unit.

Groundbreaking Cancer Immunotherapy Grace Gawler interviews Dr Horst Lindhoffer Munich

On today’s edition of Navigating the Cancer Maze, Grace Gawler interviews Dr Horst Lindhoffer PhD about one of the most innovative and exciting cancer immunotherapy treatment breakthroughs in many years. Visit for more information.

On Navigating the Cancer Maze – Cancer Immunotherapy – Ground-breaking treatment in Cancer Medicine Grace Gawler -August 2, 2013

 “Destroying cancer stem cells means fighting cancer at its roots”, says Horst Lindhofer, CEO of TRION Pharma. “Catumaxomab’s efficacy against this particularly aggressive and resistant population of cancer cells further supports its therapeutic potential for the treatment of EpCAM-positive carcinomas.”

On today’s edition of Navigating the Cancer Maze, I interview Dr Horst Lindhoffer PhD about one of the most innovative and exciting cancer treatment breakthroughs in many years. We know that The human immune system is usually quite effective at identifying and eliminating abnormal cells.

dr horst lindhofer
Dr Horst Lindhofer

 Cancer cells, however, can form tumors and spread throughout the body. Although chaotic in their behavior, cancer cells operate with high level intelligence to escape detection by our immune system’s control mechanisms. Often misunderstood, this is a fundamental principle in understanding how cancer cells behave and how immune recognition can be assisted. The new breakthrough cancer treatments capitalize on that information. It has been a long-standing vision of physicians and scientists to develop a treatment that can put the immune system back on track. TRION has achieved the goal with its trifunctional Triomab® antibodies. Listen to learn more or contact for further details.

Listen to this interview at:
Catumaxomab (Removab®) is presently the only approved therapeutic antibody targeting EpCAM, a surface antigen that is widely expressed in the most frequent forms of human cancer. On April 20th this year, Removab® received EU approval for the intraperitoneal treatment of malignant ascites in patients with EpCAM-positive carcinomas. Removab® is the first product world-wide to receive a regulatory approval for this indication. With its trifunctional mode of action, Removab® represents a new generation of antibodies using the body’s own immune system to help fight the tumor cells.

For more information visit Enquiries: To discover more about Horst Lindhoffer’s work with Trifunctional antibodies  – please email

EpCAM: EpCAM or epithelial cell adhesion molecule is a pan-epithelial differentiation antigen that is expressed on almost all carcinomas, such as breast, lung, colorectal, gastric, prostate and ovarian cancer. Catumaxomab (Removab®) is the only approved anti-EpCAM antibody available.

Triomab®: Trifunctional antibodies : Triomab® antibodies bind to cancer-specific surface antigens and recruit both T cells as well as accessory cells, such as macrophages, dendritic cells and natural killer cells, to the tumor site. As a result, they provide for a new quality of cancer cell killing, activating both arms of the immune system – the adaptive one with cytotoxic T cells as effectors and the innate one including accessory effector cells.

dendritic cell image
dendritic cell image

Triomab® antibodies are therefore very effective in destroying cancer cells and show a therapeutic effect at very low doses. Triomab® antibodies are a development of TRION Pharma GmbH Catumaxomab was invented by TRION Pharma and has been developed with Fresenius Biotech.

Trifunctional Antibody Catumaxomab Triggers Vaccination Effect Against Cancer: On June 06, 2011 Munich, Germany TRION Pharma GmbH released and announced new information – the results from two different studies demonstrating catumaxomab’s capacity to activate the immune system in a way that can otherwise only be achieved through vaccination.  Continue reading “Groundbreaking Cancer Immunotherapy Grace Gawler interviews Dr Horst Lindhoffer Munich”

Effective German Cancer Treatments VoiceAmerica Grace Gawler and Professor Thomas Vogl

The answer to treating liver, lung and difficult to resect tumours…bringing tumour reduction, wellbeing and increasing longevity – Prof Thomas Vogl and Hallwang private Oncology Clinic patient interviews on….
VoiceAmerica and WorldTalk Radio

The answer to treating liver, lung and difficult to resect tumours…bringing tumour reduction, wellbeing and increasing longevity – Prof Thomas Vogl on….VoiceAmerica and WorldTalk Radio Health and Wellness Channel: Navigating the Cancer Maze with Grace Gawler

Navigating the Cancer Maze with Professor Thomas Vogl discussing innovative German treatments

March 29, 2013

Don’t miss listening to my  conversation with Prof Thomas Vogl talking about innovative solutions to treating Cancer, including mesothelioma. Professor Vogl is Chairman Department of Radiology University of Frankfurt- Department of Diagnostic and Prof Thomas VoglInterventional Radiology Germany. His institute is in a position to offer a total of ten interventional methods for the therapy of a variety of tumors, metastases and recidivist tumors. Frankfurt, Germany has become a primary cancer center in Euorope offering outstanding service in interventional conventional oncological therapies like chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy, TACE trans arterial chemo-embolisation while transarterial chemoperfusion (TACP), and transpulmonary chemoembolization (TPCE) have become particularly viable methods for the treatment of malignant tumors in the lung. Prof Vogl works in close collaboration with Hallwang Private Oncology Clinic in Germany’s Black Forest, making a powerful team in solutions-focussed cancer medicine.

ABOUT TACE: Normal liver tissue recieves 75% of its blood supply from the portal circulation and 25%from the liver (hepatic artery). On the other hand, liver tumours or metastases receive more than 95%of their blood supply from the hepatic artery alone.

Local injection of a chemotherapeutic agent into the area ensures the delivery of the chemotherapy in a concentration up to 100 times more than what is achieved when the chemotherapeutic agent is given systemically while usual systemic side effects are minimised owing to the local injection of the drugs.

In addition, embolising the branches of the hepatic artery which supply the tumour will cause selective ischemia and death of the tumour while the normal liver tissue will maintain its blood supply through its main source of supply – the portal vein. The reduced blood supply to the tumour causes tumour starvation and at the same time delays the washout of the chemotherapy from the tumour area. Thus the effect of the chemotherapeutic agent is maximised by increasing the duration of contact between the drug and the tumour which can last up to several weeks.

Prof Vogl liver TACE Germany
Left: Multiple liver cancer metastases. Right: after 3 sessions TACE

Prof Vogl TACE liver cancer

Be inspired with authentic hope: Listen to my interview with Prof Vogl and interviews with patients who have undergone the TACE procedure at :

For more information about Prof Vogl  CONTACT ME VIA the contact page

Cancer and the Global Equity Divide: A Call for Action Grace Gawler republished from The Conversation

This year more than half of the nearly 13 million new cancer cases diagnosed worldwide and two-thirds of cancer deaths will occur in the world’s low and middle income countries (LMICs). Nearly a third of these deaths could have been prevented

The Conversation
Published with permission in The Conversation 4 February 2013 – please read & distribute this important information.

Cancer and the Global Equity Divide: A Call for Action.

By Alessandro R Demaio, University of Copenhagen

This article was written by Toni Kuguru, Sebastian Rodríguez Llamazares, Alessandro Demaio and A/Prof Felicia Knaul.

This year more than half of the nearly 13 million new cancer cases diagnosed worldwide and two-thirds of cancer deaths will occur in the world’s low and middle income countries (LMICs). Nearly a third of these deaths could have been prevented with the knowledge and technology already available today. For example, only 10% of children diagnosed with leukemia in the 25 poorest countries of the world will survive compared to 90% of children diagnosed with leukemia in Canada.


The disease burden in developing nations is growing. Caused by an inequity in health, healthcare and resulting disease, the disparities across the cancer care continuum found between rich and poor countries remain largely unaddressed. The cancer divide is the result of these disparities — explained in the report of the Global Task Force on Expanded Access to Cancer Care and Control in Developing Countries-GTF.CCC and in the book Closing the Cancer Divide: An Equity Imperative.

The Cancer Divide

Evidence of this growing burden in LMICs is only beginning to be translated into effective and practical solutions. Traditional rhetoric argues that the challenge of addressing cancer in poor countries is unnecessary, unaffordable, unrealistic, and detracts resources from other more pressing development programs. However, the impending cancer crisis in LMICs remains too large to be ignored. Continue reading “Cancer and the Global Equity Divide: A Call for Action Grace Gawler republished from The Conversation”

Navigate the Cancer Maze in Conversation with Survivors Fran Drescher and Grace Gawler “Cancer Schmancer”!

Listen to my interview with Fran Drescher on Voice America Fri 26 Oct 12pm PST (Australian listeners can tune in to the show Saturday morning 27 October-also you can download the show as an MP3 for free) Join me – Grace Gawler Navigating the Cancer Maze.

Fran Drescher-A celeb who walks the talk! What a fantastic ambassador for empowering women…Fran Drescher championing her mission for cancer prevention and early detection.

Listen to my interview with Fran Drescher on Voice America Fri 26 Oct 12pm PST (Australian listeners can tune in to the show Saturday morning 27 October-also you can download the show as an MP3 for free) Join me – Grace Gawler Navigating the Cancer Maze.

Cancer Schmancer is a name that one could easily associate with Fran Drescher; loved by millions for her television role as ‘The Nanny’, this humorous, elegant, Fran Drescher and Grace Gawlerbeautiful, fun loving celebrity has a more serious side to her life and mission. Listen in to Voice America’s Health and Wellness Channel Friday 26 October 12 noon PST USA on Grace Gawler’s Navigating the Cancer Maze to hear about Fran’s cancer journey and how her life adversity launched a new movement in cancer awareness.

What connects Fran Drescher and Grace Gawler? Both women have experienced great life adversities. Both women are using their lives to help others through the course of early cancer diagnosis.

A survivor of uterine cancer; Fran Drescher brings a new beacon of hope; a message to all women to trust their intuition when they ‘know’ that something is desperately wrong with their health when a health professional insists they are OK.

This is Fran Drescher’s story and it can happen to any of us. Fran Dresher was Fran van helping womenmisdiagnosed  &  mistreated for a peri-menopausal condition she did not have. Her doctors told her she was experiencing symptoms because of a long list of reasons – she was too young, too thin, and another reason given was that she ate too much spinach! Fran was prescribed hormones to treat the symptoms, but her doctors made one fundamental error – they did not order proper diagnostic tests. Fran says; at the time, I didn’t know to ask why or why not, because I was just happy to be told I was too young for any other condition! Eventually an endometrial biopsy confirmed Fran’s greatest fear; she had cancer.

It had taken two years and eight doctors before finally being told that she had a gynecologic cancer. Fran says: “I felt betrayed by not only by my own body, but the medical community.”

In 2002, Fran wrote Cancer Schmancer, to tell her story of survival so what happened to her wouldn’t happen to others. “After I went on my book tour” she says, I realized that what happened to me had happened to so many women like me. And so it was then I realized the book was not the end but rather the beginning of a life mission to improve women’s healthcare in America.”


Using her own experience and new found awareness, Fran created not only the book of the same name, but the Cancer Schmancer Movement and Cancer Schmancer Foundation. The Movement aims to of help transform women from patients into medical consumers, and to shift priority from searching for a cancer cure towards prevention and early detection of cancer; a timely message to a nation where cancer diagnosis dominates lives, families and communities. In the U.S. 1 in 3 women and 1 in 2 men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. BUT THERE IS HOPE… Because when cancer is found early, 90% SURVIVE! Every woman, regardless of age, race or socioeconomic background deserves to have the opportunity of survival.

Cancer Schmancer’s message inspired by Fran Dreschers experience is clear; by catching cancer early and by shifting focus from just searching for a cure to education, prevention and early detection, lives can be saved TODAY. By empowering ourselves and the women we love to become medical consumers; to listen to our bodies, ask the right questions of our doctors and seek second opinions, we can prevent cancer and, if we still end up with it, detect cancer in its earliest stages. Cancer Schmancer is perhaps one of the most innovative Cancer movements in the world with a new message that sheds light on a method that works to end mortality due to late stage diagnosis. And that’s EARLY DETECTION. Join us in saving lives.

Fran says, “I got famous, then I got cancer, and now I live to talk about it. Sometimes the best gifts come in the ugliest packages. Please lock elbows with me and join the Cancer Schmancer Movement so together we can do what needs to be done, so less of us will die prematurely.”

Fran Drescher Cancer schmancer being_wendyRecently Fran Drescher has begun helping children to become aware of how attitudes shape life through her delightful picture book called ‘Being Wendy’.

Listen to Frans’ story, hear her talk about her books and more on…Navigating the Cancer Maze this Friday 26 October 12 noon PST on Voice America’s Health and Wellness Channel with Grace Gawler.

Get on board, join the Movement, contact:

Cancer Schmancer P.O. Box 2760 Reston, VA 20195

Phone: 888-621-2001

Listen to Fran Drescher talk about Cancer Schmancer

Help us to get the message out about early detection and prevention – Please remember to like this on Facebook!

Truth in cancer cures holding out for a miracle

Cancer cures Holding out for a miracle

The Weekend Australian Magazine Richard Guilliatt

Source ‘The Australian’ newspaper or online at  You can take advantage of the Australian’s free offer for one month’s digital access to read the entire article.

September 22, 2012

In Today’s Australian newspaper weekend magazine Richard Guilliatt has travelled to the world of alternative versus conventional treatments for cancer patients. The alternative medicine trend has been gaining momentum around the world as more self proclaimed cancer entrepreneurs don the mantle of promised ‘cures and personal remissions.

Guilliatt’s well crafted article highlights areas not previously discussed in the world of alternative versus conventional and that is the many cancer patients are lulled into a false sense of security by the alt-med treatment regimens in the belief that they will cure themselves. He quotes me as saying:

“I do see that people can get increased levels of wellbeing from alternative treatments, but that can also be a problem – because people can feel well and think their cancer is getting better, when in fact their cancer is rocketing along in ways that medical science would have expected. And by the time they have secondary tumours in their liver or their lymphatic system, it’s too late.”

In addition patients who choose the alternative to mainstream approaches to cancer treatment often do not know the walkway and behaviour of their particular cancer. When they begin to feel well, through some type of lifestyle or diet change they often believe that because they feel well they are well. Scans, X-rays or measurements of circulating tumour stem cells that can identify how the cancer is behaving at the DNA level are most times declined with patients preferring to believe that all is well.

So – declining a monitoring process for cancer regression or progression is where much of the real trouble begins for many patients.

 As a health practitioner I have a duty of care that I take seriously to provide patients with the best possible advice. True it is their choice what they do with that advice – but equally on the other side of the fence there are the many cancer entrepreneurs, including some natural therapists with little experience of cancer; or the online cancer charlatans advising “go natural” from an unqualified position. By qualified I mean more than “paper qualifications”; that is having worked with many hundreds or thousands at the coalface level for many years getting a real appreciation of the consequences of poor choices.  I have seen enough in 38 years and if patients could see my album of “alt med casualties”, and realise the pain and disfigurement these patients endured, they might think differently in this 21st century of modern medicine. I have had many patients who refused all pharmaceuticals – preferring the pain because of an idealogy.  Cancer Patients often have no idea of the game of Russian roulette they are playing.

Guilliatt’s article is written with a view from both sides and demonstrates the level of psychological/emotional commitment to an ideal. It opens a previously closed door of why people become so committed to an ideal that they ignore this one precious life. But that is it – an ideal. Would one trust losing their life for an ideal that was borrowed from someone else? How many more Steve Jobs, Athena Starwoman and the many unnamed thousands do we have to see or read about before we get the message: Middle path is best. Best of conventional and best of complementary medicine = better outcomes. The equation is not difficult. Personally when I go to the horse races I take each way bets – it is no different with health and survival.

Having been in a similar situation when I had to deal with real physical issues after nerve damage complications from routine surgery in 1997 – left me without bowel function. After an horrendous 13 year period and 21 surgical procedures it was a breakthrough bionic surgery that gave me back the life that had been taken. If anyone should be anti conventional medicine it should be me – however if I was to find my solution, it was not going to be an alternative medicine solution as was suggested by many of my colleagues.

At the time when I was going through that experience my only sister who had believed in natural medicine and who had not disclosed her health problem; died from a liver treatable cancer that was treatable. Like Steve Jobs had it been found and treated early she would not have succumbed to it.. By the time she asked me to be involved, her liver was 5 times its normal size. I set about advising her on tests and getting a proper diagnosis. It was devasting to discover what she had and she too felt let down by a system she had believed in.

Guiliatt  also writes a poignant piece about Athena Starwoman; what I would call yet another teaching story for the alternative medicine people to take on board.  “

In the New Age firmament, few shone more brightly than Athena Starwoman, the Australian spiritualist who built a global business as an astrologer and author. When she died of breast cancer in 2004, at 59, her fans were shocked, for she had given no hint of her illness. Earlier this year her closest friend, Deborah Gray, revealed that Starwoman in fact died after rejecting medical treatment in favour of “mind-body” healing, a decision she profoundly regretted at the end of her life.

Gray says she tried and failed to dissuade her friend from taking the non-medical path. After seven months of using herbal remedies, meditation and other alternative techniques, Starwoman was suffering such unbearable pain that she had to admit herself to hospital, and her condition was by then untreatable.

“Athena was very logical, she was very practical, she was not a hippy-dippy dropout,” Gray tells The Weekend Australian Magazine. “But I think what happened to her is what happens to a lot of people who get diagnosed with cancer: she went into shock. And rather than face up to what can be a very long and arduous treatment which can make you feel very sick and is very frightening, she lost her sense of what to do. She didn’t regret her beliefs, because she used her metaphysical training to face the end in an amazing way. The regret she had was that she didn’t try everything, including standard medicine. She knew that was a mistake.” Read more at the Australian Weekend Magazine.

Grace Gawler Institute: Prof Ian Frazer viruses and cancer – why vaccines are important in cancer prevention

Viruses, bacteria abd parasites are responsible for many cancers Researchers make a rough extrapolation from their data and estimate that of the 7.5 million deaths from cancer in 2008, 1.5 million, or about one in five, were caused by an infection. That’s a lot of deaths from preventable causes! They argue for more work on getting existing vaccines to the populations that need them and continuing research and education on vaccines in places where they’re readily available.

Last Friday I had the pleasure of listening to Professor Ian Frazer speak about his research on viruses and their implications in cancer development. This is an issue that I have been researching for some time. The lecture was both well presented, profound and inspiring. The more I have read the research about viruses and cancer, the more interested I became in education and awareness programs in prevention of virally induced cancers. The Grace Gawler Institute’s association with Dr Ursula Jacob Hallwang private Oncology Clinic and RGCC Greece – a world-class laboratory which specialises in medical genetics and in particular cancer genetics; marks a signpost for the future of genetics  in both prevention and treatment. The Director and founder of RGCC is Dr Ioannis Papasotiriou MD.

While many people are pursuing extreme dietary measures to eradicate their cancers; most do not know about the role that viruses have played in the development of their cancers. Our associates are working diligently on treatments to nullify the effects of viruses once a cancer has already been created; however Professor Ian Frazer and colleagues are working towards prevention and eradication of cancers that are known to be virally charged… and their solution is vaccination of young people in the high risk groups. Perhaps the most prevalent of these oncogenetic viruses is HPV (human papilloma virus) – Over eighty different types of HPV have been identified. Some are harmless and unsightly while others are very dangerous for example HPV 16 and HPV 18. Some studies suggest that with conventional treatments survival outcomes are better if the virus is located as a cause

Above  image Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

New Vaccination Program: Boys aged 12 – 13 will receive the vaccine through school-based programs under the National Immunisation Program, with Year 9 boys also included in a two-year catch-up plan.

The HPV vaccine has already contributed to a decrease in pre-cancerous cervical lesions in young women.

When administered to males, it will help prevent cancers of the genital tract, some types of head and neck cancers, and it will also enhance the vaccine’s effectiveness in women. With sexual activity occurring at earlier ages in combination with the types of sexual practises promoted today, these sexually transmitted viruses acquired in teenage years are responsible for many cancers in the 30- 40’s age bracket. HPV is also implicated in anal cancers and now implicated in some skin cancers.

Anti vaccination groups or individuals will likely be against the latest government objective when most Young Australian males will receive the HPV vaccine (Gardasil) free of charge in a world-first public health measure that will help prevent a range of cancers. Professor Frazer addressed this issue saying “There’s a very small group of people out there, who argue that we shouldn’t use vaccines, and they influence a much larger group of people not to get their children properly immunised,” he said. He has been involved in making a documentary that will provide a counter argument to the small minority that vaccines are safe and wonderful.”

Dr Frazer spoke about Bhutan which has one of the highest incidences of cervical cancer per head of population in the world. He estimates that Bhutan would take about 15-20 years from today to see a decrease in cervical cancer, he said, the time it takes between the virus infection and when one gets cancer. The girls that Bhutan is immunising today, at 12, he said, would be at the “maximum risk of cervical cancer in their 30s and 40s” and, by then by, there should be “virtually no cervical cancer in those girls.” Recommended extra reading:

FYI – Other viruses, bacteria and parasites known to cause cancers: Continue reading “Grace Gawler Institute: Prof Ian Frazer viruses and cancer – why vaccines are important in cancer prevention”

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Announcing an Australian “first” – Fully supported group tours from Australia to Germany with the Grace Gawler Institute ….an alliance with breakthrough cancer medicine. Read below to see why…

There is nothing like a first-hand experience to impress. During March-April this year the Grace Gawler Institute was sponsored to visit Germany. The majority of our time was spent at the clinic of Dr Ursula Jacob which is nestled in the hills surrounding the Black Forest; a stunningly picturesque part of Southern Germany. Not only was the clinic the closest to a Centre of Excellence on every level; but Dr Jacob’s medical associates to whom she outsources her patients when required, were all masters in their fields of medicine. They welcomed us with open arms, generously sharing their knowldge and expertise. We were allowed to be a part of some procedures and were able to film at university hospitals, hyperthermia units, PET scan facilities as well as spending time with some medical pioneers in cancer medicine. The clinic or Klinik as it is known in German, serves as a model for personalised intergated oncology – using the best of breakthrough conventional in combination with time & efficacy proven complementary medicine.

Some constant feedback from Australian patients who have attended Dr Jacob’s Clinic on my recommendation has been the delight of meeting people from all over Europe who once had a poor prognosis, then after being treated by Dr Jacob and her team; they continue to return to the clinic for check ups and monitoring. Many have followed Dr Jacob from clinic to clinic for many years; embracing fully her brand of personalised cancer medicine. This also addresses the rumours that Germany is the quick fix – the magic bullet. For many a trip to Dr Jacob buys time, for some a partial or full  remission which then needs to be sustained; by ongoing medical and complementary care at home. We are appreciative that many patients at the clinic so generously wanted to share their stories. In the video segment ( below), Denny from the USA tells of her persistence and determination in combination with the Jacob clinic expertise and clinical mangement.


The Europeans are lucky – even the Saudis and Americans don’t have the affliction that we Australians do – the tyranny of distance! For us Southern  hemisphere folk it is different….being ill with cancer and travelling alone first time to a foreign country is daunting! Even travelling with a partner can be daunting; we have heard horrendous stories from patients who were hospitalised in Singapore, patients who were too ill to travel who had to have surgery not long after arriving in Germany and there have been patients who arrived home in Australia, and could not access the care they required post Germany.  In the majority of cases this has happened due to poor planning and desperation to find ‘the cure’-they went to Germany unprepared psychologically and without a strategy/followup plan for their return. These patients did not find us in the beginning, eventually find their way to us for help and advice. There are some patients who can self manage and self refer – but in my experience these are in the minority. Having had experimental surgery myself  that necessitated me going to the Netherlands in 2002-2003 and Singapore in 2009; I know first hand what is involved in travelling to a foreign country for medical help. I also know that the Dutch doctors said that due to distance and the possibility of failure; they had to be sure I was psychlogically stable before accepting me for experimental bionic surgery. I was 99% sure my surgery would work, although I was a world “first” for the procedure – but I had to reserve 1% for the possibility of failure and plan for that!

We believe that by organising  patients with adequate medical records, collaboration with treating doctors here in Australia and in Germany, plus the best of integrated oncology in combination with support during the trip, counselling, stress reduction, visualisation and various other psycho-oncology assistance methods while staying at the clinic, that patients will positively impact their outcomes. But – it doesn’t end there….patients will be escorted back to Australia and be a part of ongoing followup and support via webinar, skype, and workshops /retreats. We are with you for the long haul! If you are interested in what is on offer in Germany – then please contact us.

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Our next Survive and Thrive one day workshopAn introduction to German Cancer Treatments – Exploring the Possibilities will held on the Gold Coast  Queensland Sunday 10  June 2012.

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More about German Cancer Treatments and the amazing medical experts we met during our trip to Germany in my next blog…Until then..

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