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Two weeks into our Hallwang Clinic trip; the Grace Gawler Institute’s “Patients without Borders Medi-Tour”, we have witnessed a delightful and significant event. I have no awkwardness in terming this patient’s experience as a small miracle thanks to smart conventional and targeted complementary medicine.

German Cancer Treatments
German Cancer Treatments Black Forest Germany

Two weeks into our German Clinic experience and we have witnessed a delightful and significant event. I have no awkwardness in terming this patient’s experience as a small miracle thanks to smart conventional and targeted complementary medicine. For the patient it is a large miracle and far more than he expected! The patient (we will call him Vernon to protect his identity) attended out last Medi -tour in March April 2013; he decided to come back for more treatment this June-July. Although his results were very good, when he returned home to Australia in April – friends and family saw that the lump had changed, but it was still very evident. They thought his life was still going to be taken by this tumour. At times his pain levels had been 10 out of 10. Everyone was hopeful – however he knew that as long as the lump remained – he would have to use a lot of energy to convince people that he could recover. However – even though they may have doubted the possibility of a recovery; it was thanks to the generosity of his friends and family that he was given another opportunity to return to Germany.

Vernon was putting a lot of energy into trying to recover with plans to return to Germany for more treatment when he was immobilised and near death due to a clostridium infection that could have killed him. He believes it came from organically raised eggs he had bought at a local market or it could have been from yoghurt made with raw milk. Not wise with a compromised immune system. He made a protein eggnog in his blender; soon after, he collapsed . Within hours he was fighting for his life on life support……Seeing his obvious large tumour, when vaguely conscious; they asked him if it was his time to die – to literally pull the plug. He was not expected to survive. Vernon chose and demanded life!!

Although weak – he recovered enough to join us in Germany. Vernon has worked hard for his recovery. Around the time this first image on the left was taken – with no hope and horrendous pain he thought he life was over.

Tumour destruction - Patient Hallwang Clinic Germany
Tumour destruction – Patient Hallwang Clinic Germany

He was deemed palliative earlier this year when his large and invasive head and neck tumour, squamous cell carcinoma, was treated with high dose radiotherapy; high dose because he wasn’t expected to survive. The tumour continued to grow and pain reduction was of short duration. Now that he has outlasted his prognosis, and his tumour is fast disappearing, he faces the uphill battle of recovering from radiation damage that extended his life and temporarily reduced his pain-but came at a cost.

 The innovative treatments liquefied the solid tumour which was then removed by syringe after 10 days.  Since this photo was taken, more dead  liquefied dead tumour has been removed. The Patient has given me permission to use his images and his name – however I have chosen to protect his identity as he needs to stay focused on his recovery and regain energy.

There are many difficult issues that arise whilst navigating the German Cancer Treatment Maze. The journey is not to be taken lightly and there are many aspects to be considered regarding suitability for treatment etc

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Positive Health UK Streamlining Cancer Treatments: Choosing the Best of Complementary and Conventional Medicine Grace Gawler

Streamlining Cancer Treatments: Choosing the Best of Complementary and Conventional Medicine

by Grace Gawler(more info) Positive Health UK online – listed in cancer, originally published in issue 208 – August 2013

I am in a very privileged position having specifically worked as a cancer recovery strategist for almost 40 years. Age, experience and serving 15,000 clients during that period enables me to appreciate history, see trends, learn the mistakes and rejoice in the successes while examining present gains and looking to the future. As a veteran I have witnessed the gradual evolution of a one size fits all approach in both sides of medicine; conventional and alternative. The new culture of survivorship is based on a highly targeted, personalized and intelligent approach.

However, as personalized medicine is in its infancy, it is far from perfect, as professionals juggle for new definitions in this rapidly changing paradigm. For example, many of my colleagues describe personalized medicine in its parts, such as phenotype, targets for antibodies, genetics and molecules failing to mention the most important person in personalized medicine – the patient!  This has long been the issue with conventional medicine, but now even natural therapies are following suit.

The alternative medicine cancer cure culture have realized that cancer is more complex to treat than they possibly imagined. Despite doing ‘all the right things’; veganism, juicing, meditation, and positive thinking; their tumours are still growing!
Below:    Professor Thomas Vogel Frankfurt: the new ways of delivering cancer therapies

Professor Thomas Vogel frankfurt the new ways of delivering cancer therapies …

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Grace Gawler DHM (dist) DBSc ATMS Mem IPOS (International Society for Psycho-Psychology has been involved with teaching cancer survival strategies for more than 38 years. Trained as an Herbalist/ Naturopath with an early background, working in veterinary medicine, over the years Grace became a pro-life cancer coach and trained in body psychotherapy. She co-founded Australia’s first Cancer Support groups and residential courses and has worked throughout the world in the area of cancer as a public and keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. She has chosen to emphasize the emotional-psycho-spiritual aspect of cancer recovery and management at all stages. Grace learned a great deal when in 1997 unexpected post-surgical complications from a routine surgery left her with colon paralysis. After 21 surgeries geared at keeping her alive Grace eventually found her solution – an experimental ‘bionic’ sacro-neuromodulation implant performed in Holland. The procedure was a ‘world first’ for this condition. Grace had her life back knowing what it was like to be in the shoes of a patient with a life threatening condition. She wrote her memoir Grace, Grit and Gratitude in 2008 to celebrate her survival.

As Founder and Director of the Grace Gawler Institute, Grace can now help patients to find Integrated cancer Solutions. She helps patients to transform the challenge, PTSD, fear and myriad of emotional issues surrounding cancer into becoming a successful patient – the best one can be whatever the outcome. She works in conjunction with medical oncology and integrative oncology clinics in Australia and Europe assisting patients with fully supported medi-tours to Hallwang Private Oncology Clinic in Germany’s Black Forest. You can listen to Grace’s US-based free to air internet radio show Navigating the Cancer Maze on Voice America’s Health and Wellness channel. www.voiceamerica.com/show/2125/navigating-the-cancer-maze

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