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There is nothing quite as compelling as a personal story well told – Listen to stories from Rev Ian Mavor and Deirdre Hanna on this week’s Navigating the Cancer Maze- Voice America internet radio:

Surviving cancer at all costs often dominates the world of a cancer patient. In the alternative medicine movement in particular; blogs and websites – little if any attention is given to the “failure” factor – not popular on these sites for obvious reasons. Just imagine someone trying to sell you a “Cure for Cancer” – potions, tea, supplements and dietary regimens; if there was an “out-clause” – errr if this doesn’t work for you…here is what to do!!! It somewhat destroys the ‘faith factor’ doesn’t it.

Cancer counsellors, cancer entrepreneurs, cancer authors must be more responsible and address the issue of what to do, what strategies to employ just incase things don’t work out as hoped for – the possibility or probability of not making it through cancer or some other life threatening challenges is real for many people. Denial and avoidance are not useful ways of dealing with a truth that will – at sometime confront. Let’s face it we are all going to go at some time! Most of the people who have died in the past 12 months that I know have not been cancer patients! There have been heart attacks, accidents and other unexpected life events. So Death – the great adventure is something we all need to be prepared for….as many have said – dealing with death fees up more energy for living. This is especially important if you have been diagnosed with a life challenging illness.

This week on Navigating the Cancer Maze I interviewed Rev Dr Ian Mavor and Deirdre Hanna from Hopewell Centre on Australia’s Gold Coast. I chose to interview this couple because they do not give lips service -they know what it is like to work at the coalface of life’s big issues ….end of life experience, grief and loss with adults and children. Their work is important and they reach many – but their concept could reach further into our society. Of course their work goes far beyond cancer. How we all deal with grief, loss, shock, betrayals etc can form the substrate of who we present to the world. I believe, and many would agree, that the way we learn to deal with life’s big issues can significantly affect health in all manner of ways.

So Paradise kids is a creative and compassionate vehicle for children to talk about, share and acknowledge how they feel about the loss and grief they have incurred whether through death in a family, divorce etc … Click here to donate to and Support Paradise Kids

Navigating the Cancer Maze Voice America Grace GawlerThis interview is highly recommended as the subject is often avoided.

Navigating the Cancer Maze The most important issue we can address – death; the great adventure

January 18, 2013

Today on Navigating the Cancer Maze we are going to talk about one of the most if not THE most difficult issues for discussion for cancer patients, families and friends of cancer patients. This an episode to bookmark for if and ever you are faced with helping someone with an end of life experience. Talking about palliative care, grief, loss and death is often seen as an unpalatable subject for cancer patients who want to be pro active with searching for the “cure”. But the reality is not everyone makes it through the journey of cancer and one thing is certain; we all must die at some time. What can be done to prepare? How can dealing with death free up energy for living? Rev Dr Ian Mavor and his wife Deirdre Hanna have chosen one of the most challenging vocations. Hospice, palliative care and helping people through loss and grief is their daily menu. Together they founded the Hopewell Centre and Paradise kids on Australia’s Gold Coast.    


Rev. Dr Ian  Mavor

Rev. Dr Ian Mavor, OAM, FACE A Uniting Church Minister, much of Ian’s professional life has been in specialist roles. Co-Founder Rev Dr Ian Mavorand Executive Director Ian serves as Executive Director of Hopewell Hospice Services Inc which includes Hopewell Hospice, Paradise Kids, the Living Well Centre and the Hopewell College of Transformative Education. He is a member of the Health Community Council-Gold Coast Health District and a member of the State Council of Palliative Care Queensland. In 2002, Ian was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) “For service to the community through a range of church, social welfare, education and health groups”.


Deirdre  Hanna

Deirdre Hanna is founding President and Executive Director of Children’s Services (Paradise Kids) and Spiritual Care. Deirdre’s Deirdre Hanna Paradise kidsbackground includes Bachelor of Theology (B.Th), Certificate in Transpersonal Psychotherapy and Counselling; Doctoral Student, University of Creation Spirituality; Multi-Disciplinary Certificate in Hospice Care, St Christopher’s London; Certificate in Mindfulness Meditation, Massachusetts Medical School Mind-Body Stress Reduction Clinic; Certificate in Spiritual Retreat Leading and Direction. Diploma of Nutrition and Dietetics; Diploma in Swedish Massage. Zonta Gold Coaster of the Year, (1994) Winston Churchill Memorial Fellow 1995 (Spiritual Care for Cancer Patients), The City of Gold Coast Women at Work wonderful 20th Century Gold Coast Women Award, Gold Coast Bulletin Community Service Medal, 2007; Member of the Churchill Fellows Association; Princeton Global Network.

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Grace Gawler blog – A New Way of Living with Cancer Navigating the Cancer Maze VoiceAmerica WorldTalk Radio

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Navigating the Cancer Maze Voice America Grace Gawler

Navigating the Cancer Maze Voice America Grace Gawler

Grace Gawler Navigating the Cancer Maze on VoiceAmerica and WorldTalk radio

If you have missed Navigating the Cancer Maze I invite you to visit VoiceAmerica and WorldTalk Radio Health & Wellness Channel. All shows are archived and can be downloaded as MP3 and shared. You simply need to join Voice America – no fee and have access to free and informed information via my show. Listen to interview with Fran Drescher: Cancer Schmancer is name that one could easily associate with Fran Drescher; loved by millions for her television role as ‘The Nanny’, this humorous, elegant, beautiful, fun loving celebrity has a more serious side to her life and mission.

What an amazing opportunity to be approached by an American internet radio producer in 2012 and then asked to submit an application for a new radio show that has the possibility of reaching millions of people; not only in the USA but around the world. I have always liked the educative part of working with cancer so this show really fits the bill and….it is free to air! As the show now continues into the new year; 2013, I have some really wonderful guests lined up. Cancer specialists, celebrities, researchers, authors, authorities on what’s in our personal body and cosmetic products, balanced nutrition for cancer patients and more…

If you have missed Navigating the Cancer Maze I invite you to visit VoiceAmerica and WorldTalk Radio Health & Wellness Channel. All shows are archived and can be downloaded as MP3 and shared. You simply need to join Voice America – no fee and have access to free and informed information via my show. We go live to air each Friday 1 pm USA West Coast time – which is 6 am Queensland Australia time Saturday mornings.

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Fran Drescher: Cancer Schmancer is name that one could easily associate with Fran Drescher; loved by millions for her television role as ‘The Nanny’, this humorous, elegant, beautiful, fun loving celebrity has a more serious side to her life and mission.

Listen in to Voice America’s frandrescher-gracegawler-voiceamericaHealth and Wellness Channel Grace Gawler’s Navigating the Cancer Maze to hear about Fran’s cancer journey and how her life adversity launched a new movement in cancer awareness; the Cancer Schmancer Movement. What connects Fran Drescher and Grace Gawler? Both women have experienced great life adversities. Both women are using their lives to help others through the course of early cancer diagnosis.

 A uterine cancer survivor, Fran Drescher is an outspoken healthcare advocate and LGBT rights activist, and is noted for her work as a Public Diplomacy Envoy for Women’s Health Issues for U.S. State Department. A survivor of rape in 1985 and then diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2000, she wrote about her experiences in her second book, Cancer Schmancer. Her purpose. has also this book was to raise consciousness for men and women “to become more aware of the early warning signs of cancer, and to empower themselves.” The Cancer Schmancer Movement followed. see Fran’s website:

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Dr Emmett Miller the Physician Who Chose Creative Instruments of Healing to Help People Navigate the Healing Maze.

Dr Emmett Miller. Often acknowledged as one of the fathers of Mind/Body Medicine, Dr. Miller is a physician, poet, musician, and master storyteller, whose multicultural heritage has given him a unique social, medical, and spiritual perspective.

His commitment to helping us to Emmett miller picreclaim our inborn personal wisdom, integrated with the scientific knowledge and techniques of modern medicine, has allowed him to unite seemingly disparate fields of knowledge and experience. For more than 45 years, it has been his inspiration and his challenge to help people discover this truth for themselves. His message of hope, his vision of a brighter future, and his spirit of wellbeing, has touched millions.

As a physician, health educator and a pioneer in a field that is now on the cutting edge of modern medicine, Dr. Miller brings us a deeper understanding mind and body harmony. My interview with Dr Miller will focus on the power of imagery in healing and recovery.

My interview with Dr Emmett Miller interview touches on the mind-emotion and soul aspect of healing and recovery.
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Prof. Ray Lowenthal AO Oncologist/Haematologist/Researcher
Navigating the Cancer Maze – the Evolution of Oncology-What’s Changed?

In this informative episode I focus on the evolution of conventional oncology in my interview with Pioneer Medical Oncologist and Haematologist Prof. Ray Lowenthal AO.

His research focuses on leukaemia, lymphoma, bone marrow transplantation and clinical trials of new Professor Ray Lowenthal UTAS oncology haematologycancer treatments.An author of over 100 scientific papers; as a pioneer oncologist, Prof Lowenthal undertook postgraduate training 1968-75 in the UK including nearly 3 years at the Medical Research Council’s Leukaemia Unit at Hammersmith Hospital, London.

Returning to Australia in 1975 he accepted a position at the University of Tasmania where he remains today. Concerned about misinformation in cancer medicine & being in the position of a pioneer in Oncology; he authored a book for the public; “Cancer: What to do about it”. Given the rise in popularity of alt medicine treatments for cancer; a new and updated edition is being considered. Reducing the impact of cancer in Indigenous communities has been another key interest.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED LISTENING for anyone considering cancer treatments

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A GEM of an interview – please listen to: Spinning Gold from Straw:  How trauma transformed a Doctor’s Life and Practice  Dr Bruce Whelan (Specialist GP)

Dr Bruce Whelan is a specialist GP who has been in Practice for 45 years. His passion for his vocation remains high with specialties in pain Dr Bruce Whelanmanagement, addiction and a broad range of physical and psychological issues including cancer medicine. Dr Whelan quotes Carl Jung when I ask him about his way of helping patients; he answers “Only the wounded physician can help to heal.” Defining the difference between healing and curing is important in understanding the complexities of recovery from illness. Dr Whelan frames this within his own life story when in October 2002 he became personally involved in the aftermath of the Bali bombing that killed 202 people. He describes the impact on his family &  resultant PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) he suffered. However, after his recovery, he returned to medicine with new insights and understanding having been through a ‘dark night of the soul’ experience. This is an inspiring & timely interview for anyone in recovery from any malady.

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