Why a brave mum said no to chemotherapy – Grace Gawler comments to the editor – Adelaide Now

To the Editor-Adelaide Now This blog was written due the abscence of correspondence or comment from Adelaide Now or from freelance journalist Laura Bond – who is promoting her views on mums not having chemo.

Dear Editor I am alarmed at the content of the article dated October 29, 2011
published on online “Adelaide Now” and titled “Why a brave mum said no
to chemotherapy” and the blog www.MumsNotHavingChemo.com  I believe your newspaper has a public duty of care to present the other side of the issue as to what happens to cancer patients who choose alt/med exclusively forgoing chemotherapy and other conventional treatments.  I note that the online article lists no author – however it becomes obvious when you read through the material; who has written it; freelance  journalist Laura Bond whose mum has chosen not to have chemo.
Cancer patients may die unnecessarily by taking the ‘seemingly legitimate’
advice which is actually regurgitated from the usual poor science found on the  internet.
Recently it became public that Apple’s Steve Jobs turned his back on surgery in favour of alternative medicine; that choice cost him his life. His type of tumour was treatable with conventional medicine. Inherent dangers exist in advising cancer patients against conventional medicine. Will we next see a blog “Why a brave mum said no to chemotherapy for her leukaemic child!” …. because that is the obvious extrapolation! Such an article carries with it a huge public duty of care and responsibility. Continue reading “Why a brave mum said no to chemotherapy – Grace Gawler comments to the editor – Adelaide Now”

Why a brave mum said no to chemotherapy – Adelaide Now: Grace Gawler comments

My Institute has found it a challenge to get articles published about the dangers of exclusive use of alternative medicine in treating cancer; an alarming and growing trend in Australia! So when I saw the article “Why a brave mum said no to chemotherapy” in ‘Adelaide Now’ a mainstream newspaper – I was rather shocked. I have seen a lot of ovarian cancer during my career – I am yet to see anyone recover without conventional treatments and complementary approaches combined and I am amazed that anyone would recommend mothers to not have chemotherapy!  Today cancer medicine both here and overseas has many excellent treatments for ovarian cancers especially new anitibody treatments. I have supported many women who were smitten with alt/med then faced the hard yards of chemotherapy after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I know many long term survivors.

As an educator in cancer medicine and a qualified naturopath working with cancer patients for almost 4 decades… and as one who on a daily basis sees the advantages of the synergy of complementary and conventional medicine versus the disadvantage of cancer patient’s alt med choices – I believe the article and associated blog (mumsnothavingchemo.com) to be highly misleading and a misuse of the author’s position as a journalist.

Get the facts right for others that follow

I believe in free speech – but free speech must act both ways with right of reply accepted for healthy debate. I became concerned when I wrote a polite and balanced comment below the above mentioned online article in the ‘comments box’. Within minutes of pressing the submit button however – the box had vanished. I then wrote to the editor of the Adelaide paper in a letter to the Editor. Silence! Continue reading “Why a brave mum said no to chemotherapy – Adelaide Now: Grace Gawler comments”