Positive Health UK Streamlining Cancer Treatments: Choosing the Best of Complementary and Conventional Medicine Grace Gawler

Streamlining Cancer Treatments: Choosing the Best of Complementary and Conventional Medicine

by Grace Gawler(more info) Positive Health UK online – listed in cancer, originally published in issue 208 – August 2013

I am in a very privileged position having specifically worked as a cancer recovery strategist for almost 40 years. Age, experience and serving 15,000 clients during that period enables me to appreciate history, see trends, learn the mistakes and rejoice in the successes while examining present gains and looking to the future. As a veteran I have witnessed the gradual evolution of a one size fits all approach in both sides of medicine; conventional and alternative. The new culture of survivorship is based on a highly targeted, personalized and intelligent approach.

However, as personalized medicine is in its infancy, it is far from perfect, as professionals juggle for new definitions in this rapidly changing paradigm. For example, many of my colleagues describe personalized medicine in its parts, such as phenotype, targets for antibodies, genetics and molecules failing to mention the most important person in personalized medicine – the patient!  This has long been the issue with conventional medicine, but now even natural therapies are following suit.

The alternative medicine cancer cure culture have realized that cancer is more complex to treat than they possibly imagined. Despite doing ‘all the right things’; veganism, juicing, meditation, and positive thinking; their tumours are still growing!
Below:    Professor Thomas Vogel Frankfurt: the new ways of delivering cancer therapies

Professor Thomas Vogel frankfurt the new ways of delivering cancer therapies …

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Grace Gawler DHM (dist) DBSc ATMS Mem IPOS (International Society for Psycho-Psychology has been involved with teaching cancer survival strategies for more than 38 years. Trained as an Herbalist/ Naturopath with an early background, working in veterinary medicine, over the years Grace became a pro-life cancer coach and trained in body psychotherapy. She co-founded Australia’s first Cancer Support groups and residential courses and has worked throughout the world in the area of cancer as a public and keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. She has chosen to emphasize the emotional-psycho-spiritual aspect of cancer recovery and management at all stages. Grace learned a great deal when in 1997 unexpected post-surgical complications from a routine surgery left her with colon paralysis. After 21 surgeries geared at keeping her alive Grace eventually found her solution – an experimental ‘bionic’ sacro-neuromodulation implant performed in Holland. The procedure was a ‘world first’ for this condition. Grace had her life back knowing what it was like to be in the shoes of a patient with a life threatening condition. She wrote her memoir Grace, Grit and Gratitude in 2008 to celebrate her survival.

As Founder and Director of the Grace Gawler Institute, Grace can now help patients to find Integrated cancer Solutions. She helps patients to transform the challenge, PTSD, fear and myriad of emotional issues surrounding cancer into becoming a successful patient – the best one can be whatever the outcome. She works in conjunction with medical oncology and integrative oncology clinics in Australia and Europe assisting patients with fully supported medi-tours to Hallwang Private Oncology Clinic in Germany’s Black Forest. You can listen to Grace’s US-based free to air internet radio show Navigating the Cancer Maze on Voice America’s Health and Wellness channel. www.voiceamerica.com/show/2125/navigating-the-cancer-maze

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Grace Gawler Redefining Cancer Outcomes with the New Culture of Cancer Survivorship

Cancer Patients without Borders Redefining Cancer Outcomes with the New Culture of Cancer Survivorship on the new season of the Grace Gawler Institute’s Navigating the Cancer Maze on Voice America’s Health and Wellness channel.

Voice America Navigating the Cancer MazeVoice America Redefining Cancer Outcomes with the New Culture of Cancer Survivorship

Today marks the new season of the Grace Gawler Institute’s Navigating the Cancer Maze on Voice America’s Health and Wellness channel. The show began almost one year ago and serves as an educational tool for cancer patients who want navigate the maze in an eclectic yet informed manner. The show draws from a wide range of presenters who speak from experience and authority on various cancer related  topics. The archived programs represent an tremendously helpful encyclopaedia of knowledge that is not in any way in conflict with the thoughts and opinions of all the experts on the show. This means – no confusion and greater clarity for patients. Instead of opposing views and a “this treatment is better that one” approach, these archives serve purpose as a balanced and significant value-ad for any cancer patient navigating the maze. Listen to people close to cancer such as Fran Dresher (ex-the Nanny), Dr Emmett Miller, oncologists, Prof Thomas Vogl, Dr Ioannis Papasotiriou Genetic/molecular medicine, researcher Caryle Hirshberg, recovered patients Debbie Franke Ogg, Bob Ellal, Peter Trayhurn and more. To listen to today’s show or to access archives please visit http://www.voiceamerica.com/show/2125/navigating-the-cancer-maze

Navigating the Cancer mazeRemember to like us on Facebook at Voice America – we lost many thousands of show “likes” this year to cyber gremlins!

Please pass this resource on to people who are dealing with cancer – MP3 downloads for ipod/ipad are a great gift to take to someone in hospital where there is often a lot of idle time.  Cancer patients spend so much of their valuable and precious lives waiting to see health professionals, so MP3’s on ipod/ipad are also great for use in waiting rooms. Please visit Voice America’s Health and wellness Channel to listen to recent or archived shows located on the right side of the my Voice America webpage. The show is free to air and I believe it is one of the most effective ways to educate cancer patients as it has the potential to be heard by millions and change old fear based models that surround cancer into new paradigms of authentic hope and a new Culture of Cancer Survivorship. For resources please visit our new shop at www.germancancertreatments.com also visit www.gracegawlerinstitute.com for more information.

Navigating the Cancer Maze on Voice America’s Health and Wellness Channel

Redefining Cancer Outcomes with the New Culture of Cancer Survivorship

June 28, 2013

Welcome to the new season of navigating the Cancer maze…..Today’s show will present an overview of our past editions and some key GRACE GAWLER Navigating the Cancer Maze Voice Americalearning’s from our past guests. This seasons show promises to provide you with even more food for thought regarding how to effectively navigate the cancer maze. Importantly, we mark a new era; what we call the New Culture of Cancer Survivorship.  What is this new culture about and how will it impact cancer patients. This new show is sponsored by the Grace Gawler Institute for Integrated Cancer Solutions – a Global entity offering unique personalised services to cancer patients. Today we will also talk about the Grace Gawler Institute’s Cancer Patients without Borders Medi-tours and how those tours are impacting cancer patients and treatment outcomes.


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How Qigong helped Bob Ellal survive stage 4 lymphoma – Energy Warriors on Voice America with Grace Gawler

Bob Elall knows a lot about Survivorship – I dare to say he is an expert. Diagnosed with Stage 4 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 1991 and given six months to live, Bob Ellal read everything he could about cancer survivors. Eventually his success and survival was due to the combination of conventional medicine and Qigong.

Bob Ellal Energy warriors voice America grace GgwlerBob Ellal knows a lot about Survivorship – I dare to say he is an expert. Diagnosed with Stage 4 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 1991 and given six months to live, Bob Ellal read everything he could about cancer survivors. He practised visualisation and breathing techniques along with his treatment. At the end of 6 months, against all odds, he was cancer free; but over the following five years the lymphoma would return three more times. His treatment; double doses of CHOP (chemotherapy) was targeted at the disease that returned in his pelvis and fractured hip. Remission. Then another recurrence in his shoulder and a stem-cell transplant. Bob found Qigong and used it to successfully add to his survival strategies ‘tool-kit’. Remission again and recurrence; a second transplant was required. Throughout his crisis Qigong became his focus – the perfect partner for Bob helping him to withstand the side effects of drastic treatments, allowing him to gain resilience, calm strength and centredness. He persevered and found authentic hope in the combination of the best conventional medicine had to offer and what he could do to help his body, mind and spirit to survive and thrive.

Bob Ellal is a true Survivor and his story and writings come from a place of deep wounding that has been transformed into a way of mindful living based on Martial Arts principals.

Energy Warriors -overcoming cancer and crisis with the power of QigongAs time went on Bob committed himself to the practice going more deeply into the mind/body connection – he trained with a Boston kung-fu master in the art of Qigong. Bob’s Doctors gave him a 10% chance of survival. He immersed himself in a disciplined daily practice of Qigong. Against all odds, he finally beat the disease in 1996.

He’s been cancer-free for 17 years and continues to practice Qigong. In his working life Bob was writer/editor for a division of a major publisher and now works as a freelancer. In addition to co authoring Energy Warriors: Overcoming Cancer and Crisis with the Power of Qigong, he is completing his second book, The Leavings of the Wolf, a collection of short stories about the real-world challenges of cancer survivors.

 Bob is co author of “Energy Warriors – Overcoming cancer and Crisis with the power of Qigong” I interviewed him recently on my Voice America radio show:
Visit Bob’s website for more info/articles:       http://www.bobellal.com
Visit Master Lawrence Tan’s website:               http://www.tandao.com/energy-warriors/

Qigong in the news: This week I also discovered a newly published study that found that the practise of Qigong reduced symptoms of depression and improved quality of life in women undergoing radiotherapy for breast cancer reports Lorenzo Cohen, PhD, professor of General Oncology and Behavioral Science at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center and director of its Integrative Medicine Program, and a co-author of the study.1 Continue reading “How Qigong helped Bob Ellal survive stage 4 lymphoma – Energy Warriors on Voice America with Grace Gawler”

Effective German Cancer Treatments VoiceAmerica Grace Gawler and Professor Thomas Vogl

The answer to treating liver, lung and difficult to resect tumours…bringing tumour reduction, wellbeing and increasing longevity – Prof Thomas Vogl and Hallwang private Oncology Clinic patient interviews on….
VoiceAmerica and WorldTalk Radio

The answer to treating liver, lung and difficult to resect tumours…bringing tumour reduction, wellbeing and increasing longevity – Prof Thomas Vogl on….VoiceAmerica and WorldTalk Radio Health and Wellness Channel: Navigating the Cancer Maze with Grace Gawler

Navigating the Cancer Maze with Professor Thomas Vogl discussing innovative German treatments

March 29, 2013

Don’t miss listening to my  conversation with Prof Thomas Vogl talking about innovative solutions to treating Cancer, including mesothelioma. Professor Vogl is Chairman Department of Radiology University of Frankfurt- Department of Diagnostic and Prof Thomas VoglInterventional Radiology Germany. His institute is in a position to offer a total of ten interventional methods for the therapy of a variety of tumors, metastases and recidivist tumors. Frankfurt, Germany has become a primary cancer center in Euorope offering outstanding service in interventional conventional oncological therapies like chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy, TACE trans arterial chemo-embolisation while transarterial chemoperfusion (TACP), and transpulmonary chemoembolization (TPCE) have become particularly viable methods for the treatment of malignant tumors in the lung. Prof Vogl works in close collaboration with Hallwang Private Oncology Clinic in Germany’s Black Forest, making a powerful team in solutions-focussed cancer medicine.

ABOUT TACE: Normal liver tissue recieves 75% of its blood supply from the portal circulation and 25%from the liver (hepatic artery). On the other hand, liver tumours or metastases receive more than 95%of their blood supply from the hepatic artery alone.

Local injection of a chemotherapeutic agent into the area ensures the delivery of the chemotherapy in a concentration up to 100 times more than what is achieved when the chemotherapeutic agent is given systemically while usual systemic side effects are minimised owing to the local injection of the drugs.

In addition, embolising the branches of the hepatic artery which supply the tumour will cause selective ischemia and death of the tumour while the normal liver tissue will maintain its blood supply through its main source of supply – the portal vein. The reduced blood supply to the tumour causes tumour starvation and at the same time delays the washout of the chemotherapy from the tumour area. Thus the effect of the chemotherapeutic agent is maximised by increasing the duration of contact between the drug and the tumour which can last up to several weeks.

Prof Vogl liver TACE Germany
Left: Multiple liver cancer metastases. Right: after 3 sessions TACE

Prof Vogl TACE liver cancer

Be inspired with authentic hope: Listen to my interview with Prof Vogl and interviews with patients who have undergone the TACE procedure at :


For more information about Prof Vogl  CONTACT ME VIA the contact page

Spontaneous Remission – Researcher Caryle Hirshberg-Navigating the Cancer Maze Grace Gawler

Spontaneous Remission launched Caryle Hirshberg into the cancer spotlight when it was published in 1993 by the institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). The book filled a gap in research, as before that time there was no standard reference for the field of spontaneous remission

VoiceAmerica and WorldTalk internet Radio Network, announced today that nationally acclaimed author and researcher Caryle Hirshberg will join Grace Gawler, host of  Navigating the Cancer Maze radio program on the VoiceAmerica Health and Wellness  Channel Friday, February 22,  at 1 p.m. Pacific Time. Available as a MP3 download at VoiceAmerica anytime or liste  to replay – streaming audio. Free sign up to Voice America to download.Download from itunes.

Caryle HirshbergCaryle Hirshberg, M.S author Spontaneous Remission and Remarkable Recovery; pioneer researcher, lecturer joins host Grace Gawler to discuss what was discovered from the research. The topic – Why people Heal – Lessons learned from studies of Spontaneous Remissions

http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/67536/navigating-the-cancer-maze-why-people-heal-lessons-learned-from-studies-of-spontaneous-remissions    (For resources mentioned in this interview – select “More” icon at end of this story and scroll).

Spontaneous Remission launched Caryle Hirshberg into the cancer spotlight when it was published in 1993 by the institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). The book filled a gap in research, as before that time there was no standard reference for the field of spontaneous remission. Then, in 1994 Remarkable Recovery was published; a book of stories about patient unexplained recoveries. Both  book looked at unexplained recoveries from medical literature and although considered a rare phenomena – they were surprised at the number of references they found. It piqued their interest to know more….

Just for a moment, turn back the clock to 1994. Can you imagine the New York Literary Guild’s Lawrence Van Gelder writing in the NY Times that the three hottest books on the horizon were ‘Like Water for Chocolate’, ‘The Horse Whisperer’ and, amazingly a nonfiction work; ‘Remarkable Recovery’ a book that offered scientific evidence that people recover from seemingly terminal illnesses more frequently than is supposed. Hirshberg’s well researched works of science not only captivated cancer patients worldwide but they marked a beginning of an almost cult-like fascination with healing in the public arena.

Caryle Hirshberg, Project Manager at IONS and the late Brendan O’Regan, Vice President of Research at IONS joined forces to create a project that had never been researched before. So was born ‘The Remission Project’ at IONS, California. The Spontaneous remission Hirshbergtask was enormous; to catalogue the world’s medical literature on the subject. This resulted in an assembly of the largest database of medically reported cases of spontaneous remission in the world, with more than 3,500 references from more than 800 journals in 20 different languages.

Caryle Hirshberg will discuss her role in this formative period in American healing history with Grace Gawler. The theme is why people heal from diseases that were deemed incurable. This was a courageous topic to pursue; to study the seemingly miraculous while keeping science and well researched data on track. This was the first time that a research group not only gathered medical data from journals worldwide; but they dared to look at why people recovered and what we might learn from their turnaround to stay well. The book was controversial, inspiring and as well gained attack from some medical corners; yet the material they researched was from medical journals. Like TV’s past science hero, Professor Julius Sumner Miller; Hirshberg and O’Regan were brave enough to ask the fundamental scientific question; ‘Why is it so?’

Select read more to access Resources from todays show Continue reading “Spontaneous Remission – Researcher Caryle Hirshberg-Navigating the Cancer Maze Grace Gawler”

German Cancer Treatments and the Grace Gawler Institute – hyperthermia and other therapies

During our time in Germany (March-April) as guests of Dr Ursual Jacob’s clinic, we were introduced to many outstanding cancer specialists. Many patients travel to Germany hoping that there is an alternative medicine cure for their cancer and many are disappointed to discover that it is the conventional medicine offered in Germany that forms the majority of the treatment plan. Complementary adjunct treatments are used to assist the body to tolerate some treatments and while helping to build resistance to recurrence of cancer.  However just as we have innovators in medicine here in Australia, so too does Germany and from my personal experience; the Netherlands is out there in innovative medical techniques. Where these innovators differ from our conventional medicine is that chemotherapy is often delivered to a patient via different way. The German Clinics have many different techniques to obliterate and control tumours; here are some of them.

Liver Grace Gawler Institute
The Liver – an amazing organ!

For the purpose of this blog I will focus on liver cancer; secondary liver from primary bowel cancer primary liver cancer and breast cancer that has spread to the liver. Because the outcomes of liver cancer are often poor the public perception is that there is little that can be done. This is likely why so many of the liver cancer patients we see; have taken the route of alternative medicine, meditation and dietary approaches; abandoning conventional medicine. Patients will often say they feel well while practising these lifestyle approaches; but they come to see me because their tumours continue to grow and they need a solution….quickly.

We have already discussed the value of hyperthermia/oncothermia as a part of clinical treatment for cancer including liver cancer. If you missed these blogs then here is the link: Select each linked heading on the page – there are a number of excellent videos embedded in each blog for your interest.

hyperthermia German Cancer Treatments
Whole Body Hyperthermia


So – here are a few of the German Cancer Treatments that are being effectively and successfully used for liver cancer.

At the University of Frankfurt, we are introduced to Prof Vogl. He welcomes us to his section of the university then it’s down to business. Everything about his demeanour gives an air of precision, excellence, efficiency and when we see him performing his crafts – Chemoperfusion and chemoembolisation – we are suitably impressed!

Gowned up in lead aprons we film the day procedures. We watch on a screen as the chemo is delivered directly in to the tumour as Chemoperfusion is performed via entry into the femoral artery of the patient with a special catheter guided to the liver. We are told that application of chemotherapy through the major arteries into the liver arteries allows one to achieve a concentration 100 times higher than by systemic approach with only minimal adverse effects.

TACE Trans aterial chemoembolisation German Cancer TreatmentsTransarterial Chemoembolisation TACE Embolising (blocks) the branches of the hepatic artery which supply the tumour causing starvation of blood supply and death of the tumour while the normal liver tissue will retain its blood supply through the portal vein. The washout of the concentrated chemotherapy is also delayed when using this method. The half-life of chemotherapeutic agent is increased by hours to weeks through the stoppage of blood supply.

In TACE, the knowledge of difference in blood supply to the tumour and liver tissue is used. Up to 75% of the normal liver tissue is perfused by the portal venous system and only 25% is supplied by arteries. On the contrary, liver tumours are supplied up to 95% by arteries. Hence chemoembolization of liver arteries lead to development of ischemic necrosis in the tumour region while the remaining normal liver tissue is spared by sufficient perfusion through the portal venous system.

Then there is another armoury that can be used for liver (and other cancers)
LITT – Laser induced interstitial thermotherapy.

Development of LITT

The present form of laser therapy has been developed by Prof. Vogl and Prof. Dr. Mack in close co-operation with Dr.Roggan from Laser and Medicine Technology GmbH (LMTB), Berlin, Germany. The procedure is continuouslyoptimised and used routinely in clinical practice with greatsuccess.

How it works: In practise a temperature of about 60 to 110° C is achieved in the tumour tissue. This differentiates LITT from the classical hyperthermia.

The use of local thermal effect in the tumour region forms the basis for this new minimal invasive therapeutic procedure. The energy of laser light is absorbed, which causes heating of the tissue. The heat causes coagulation (destruction) of tumour tissue and the edge around it. LITT can be effectively used in may cases of unresectable cancer (by surgery) or for patients who failed a liver resection.

According to the professor, it is scientifically proven that local resection or destruction of liver metastases prolongs the life of patients and chemotherapy is then to be preferred.

LITT can also be tried as an alternative therapy for patients who refuse surgical resection and systemic or local chemotherapy.

If any of this information interests you, The Grace Gawler Institute is personally escorting patient groups to Dr Ursula Jacob’s clinic -Dr Jacob refers patients to her associate Prof. Vogl. These treatments mentioned above are often a part of a clinical treatment plan for the best results. We caution patients not to travel to germany self-referred and ill prepared – we have heard of many disatrous results when patients go in desperation. Such a decision needs a well composed plan and follow up when patients return to Australia. We have pioneered our guided patient tours believing it is the most responsible and ethical way to support cancer patients who need these therapies. With Thanks to Professor Vogl for some of the material used in this blog.

More on German cancer treatments, the specialists we met and their techniques in my next blog.

Please visit www.germancancertreatments.com to read more and to watch some inspiring patient experiences on video.

Email           grace@germancancertreatments.com

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Grace Gawler Institute and German Cancer Treatments Prostate Cancer News

Recent research at the Grace Gawler Institute – enabled by QR National and Dr Jacob Clinic Germany has allowed us to create for the first time, a unique cross section of options and information regarding prostate cancer prevention and management including groundbreaking diagnostic and treatment methods.

Prostate Mates the Grace Gawler Institute and German cancer treatmentsThis year the Grace Gawler Institute has focused on innovative solutions for Australian men diagnosed with prostate cancer as well as studying strategies for taking preventive action.
Did you know there are 20,000 men diagnosed with prostate cancer in Australia each year….there are 12,000 new cases of breast cancer! There is an imperative for greater awareness, information.
During May this year we took our unique Prostate Mates program on the road to the mining town of Mt Isa. Now it will soon be launched on the Gold Coast. We have essentialised treatments and approaches of excellence based on our research in Australia, Asia and Germany.  If you know someone who has prostate cancer and lives in northern NSW or Qld – then please let them know about our seminar:

Boost your Prostate Cancer Recovery – 10 powerful steps
Innovative Prostate Mates Program featuring expert information you won’t find elsewhere!

Sunday 24th June – 2012 – Pre-booking essential

Time: 10am – 3pm includes lunch

Cost: $40 (program subsidised by QR National)

Venue: Paradise Point – North Gold Coast (map emailed on receipt of registration)

Enquiries:  director@gracegawler.com  – Call the Grace Gawler Institute on 07 5577 2997

Recent research at the Grace Gawler Institute – enabled by QR National and Dr Jacob Clinic Germany has allowed us to create for the first time, a unique cross section of options and information regarding prostate cancer prevention and management including groundbreaking diagnostic and treatment methods.

Program explores:

  • Early detection & breakthrough diagnostics
  • Nutrition – diet & supplements
  • Treatment Options – including breakthrough therapies
  • Value of clear communication – Let’s talk about it
  • Exercise as a therapy
  • Relationship issues and prostate cancer
  • Taking charge of your recovery
  • Dealing with advanced prostate cancer – side effects
  • Life quality when considering treatments
  • What is on offer at German and Dutch clinics

All you need to know to make wise choices about Prostate cancer. Take away a PRO-State action plan to discuss with your doctor.

Please visit www.prostatemates.com  to register & pay to attend this seminar or for more information.

By forwarding this email to friends you can assist in our Australian campaign for prostate health awareness and education for men.

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German Cancer Treatments – The Grace Gawler Institute alliance with breakthrough cancer medicine

www.germancancertreatments.com   Join Survive Thrive Club between now and June 30 and receive a free eBook version of my Memoirs – Grace, Grit & Gratitude visit www.gracegawlerinstitute.com

Announcing an Australian “first” – Fully supported group tours from Australia to Germany with the Grace Gawler Institute ….an alliance with breakthrough cancer medicine. Read below to see why…

There is nothing like a first-hand experience to impress. During March-April this year the Grace Gawler Institute was sponsored to visit Germany. The majority of our time was spent at the clinic of Dr Ursula Jacob which is nestled in the hills surrounding the Black Forest; a stunningly picturesque part of Southern Germany. Not only was the clinic the closest to a Centre of Excellence on every level; but Dr Jacob’s medical associates to whom she outsources her patients when required, were all masters in their fields of medicine. They welcomed us with open arms, generously sharing their knowldge and expertise. We were allowed to be a part of some procedures and were able to film at university hospitals, hyperthermia units, PET scan facilities as well as spending time with some medical pioneers in cancer medicine. The clinic or Klinik as it is known in German, serves as a model for personalised intergated oncology – using the best of breakthrough conventional in combination with time & efficacy proven complementary medicine.

Some constant feedback from Australian patients who have attended Dr Jacob’s Clinic on my recommendation has been the delight of meeting people from all over Europe who once had a poor prognosis, then after being treated by Dr Jacob and her team; they continue to return to the clinic for check ups and monitoring. Many have followed Dr Jacob from clinic to clinic for many years; embracing fully her brand of personalised cancer medicine. This also addresses the rumours that Germany is the quick fix – the magic bullet. For many a trip to Dr Jacob buys time, for some a partial or full  remission which then needs to be sustained; by ongoing medical and complementary care at home. We are appreciative that many patients at the clinic so generously wanted to share their stories. In the video segment ( below), Denny from the USA tells of her persistence and determination in combination with the Jacob clinic expertise and clinical mangement.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cx8Q2mq5WCU?rel=0&w=480&h=360]

The Europeans are lucky – even the Saudis and Americans don’t have the affliction that we Australians do – the tyranny of distance! For us Southern  hemisphere folk it is different….being ill with cancer and travelling alone first time to a foreign country is daunting! Even travelling with a partner can be daunting; we have heard horrendous stories from patients who were hospitalised in Singapore, patients who were too ill to travel who had to have surgery not long after arriving in Germany and there have been patients who arrived home in Australia, and could not access the care they required post Germany.  In the majority of cases this has happened due to poor planning and desperation to find ‘the cure’-they went to Germany unprepared psychologically and without a strategy/followup plan for their return. These patients did not find us in the beginning, eventually find their way to us for help and advice. There are some patients who can self manage and self refer – but in my experience these are in the minority. Having had experimental surgery myself  that necessitated me going to the Netherlands in 2002-2003 and Singapore in 2009; I know first hand what is involved in travelling to a foreign country for medical help. I also know that the Dutch doctors said that due to distance and the possibility of failure; they had to be sure I was psychlogically stable before accepting me for experimental bionic surgery. I was 99% sure my surgery would work, although I was a world “first” for the procedure – but I had to reserve 1% for the possibility of failure and plan for that!

We believe that by organising  patients with adequate medical records, collaboration with treating doctors here in Australia and in Germany, plus the best of integrated oncology in combination with support during the trip, counselling, stress reduction, visualisation and various other psycho-oncology assistance methods while staying at the clinic, that patients will positively impact their outcomes. But – it doesn’t end there….patients will be escorted back to Australia and be a part of ongoing followup and support via webinar, skype, and workshops /retreats. We are with you for the long haul! If you are interested in what is on offer in Germany – then please contact us.

Email :     grace@germancancertreatments.com                              See other videos from Dr Jacob’s clinic at www.germancancertreatments.com

Our next Survive and Thrive one day workshopAn introduction to German Cancer Treatments – Exploring the Possibilities will held on the Gold Coast  Queensland Sunday 10  June 2012.

If you are dealing with prostate cancer – please visit http://www.prostatemates.com

More about German Cancer Treatments and the amazing medical experts we met during our trip to Germany in my next blog…Until then..

Keep walking in the field of all possibilities,


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