Spontaneous Remission – Researcher Caryle Hirshberg-Navigating the Cancer Maze Grace Gawler

Spontaneous Remission launched Caryle Hirshberg into the cancer spotlight when it was published in 1993 by the institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). The book filled a gap in research, as before that time there was no standard reference for the field of spontaneous remission

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Caryle HirshbergCaryle Hirshberg, M.S author Spontaneous Remission and Remarkable Recovery; pioneer researcher, lecturer joins host Grace Gawler to discuss what was discovered from the research. The topic – Why people Heal – Lessons learned from studies of Spontaneous Remissions

http://www.voiceamerica.com/episode/67536/navigating-the-cancer-maze-why-people-heal-lessons-learned-from-studies-of-spontaneous-remissions    (For resources mentioned in this interview – select “More” icon at end of this story and scroll).

Spontaneous Remission launched Caryle Hirshberg into the cancer spotlight when it was published in 1993 by the institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). The book filled a gap in research, as before that time there was no standard reference for the field of spontaneous remission. Then, in 1994 Remarkable Recovery was published; a book of stories about patient unexplained recoveries. Both  book looked at unexplained recoveries from medical literature and although considered a rare phenomena – they were surprised at the number of references they found. It piqued their interest to know more….

Just for a moment, turn back the clock to 1994. Can you imagine the New York Literary Guild’s Lawrence Van Gelder writing in the NY Times that the three hottest books on the horizon were ‘Like Water for Chocolate’, ‘The Horse Whisperer’ and, amazingly a nonfiction work; ‘Remarkable Recovery’ a book that offered scientific evidence that people recover from seemingly terminal illnesses more frequently than is supposed. Hirshberg’s well researched works of science not only captivated cancer patients worldwide but they marked a beginning of an almost cult-like fascination with healing in the public arena.

Caryle Hirshberg, Project Manager at IONS and the late Brendan O’Regan, Vice President of Research at IONS joined forces to create a project that had never been researched before. So was born ‘The Remission Project’ at IONS, California. The Spontaneous remission Hirshbergtask was enormous; to catalogue the world’s medical literature on the subject. This resulted in an assembly of the largest database of medically reported cases of spontaneous remission in the world, with more than 3,500 references from more than 800 journals in 20 different languages.

Caryle Hirshberg will discuss her role in this formative period in American healing history with Grace Gawler. The theme is why people heal from diseases that were deemed incurable. This was a courageous topic to pursue; to study the seemingly miraculous while keeping science and well researched data on track. This was the first time that a research group not only gathered medical data from journals worldwide; but they dared to look at why people recovered and what we might learn from their turnaround to stay well. The book was controversial, inspiring and as well gained attack from some medical corners; yet the material they researched was from medical journals. Like TV’s past science hero, Professor Julius Sumner Miller; Hirshberg and O’Regan were brave enough to ask the fundamental scientific question; ‘Why is it so?’

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Grace Gawler – The Australian – Comments on Spontaneous Remission

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Adam Cresswell-Doctors attribute sudden cancer cures to biology, not God…And medical experts say the phenomenon, while little understood, is likely to have biological rather than spiritual explanations says an article in this weekend’s The  Australian.  CLICK HERE
Now this is a topic dear to my heart and one that has been topical in my own sphere of work; as outlined in the Australian – Friday 8 October 2010 in an article also authored by Adam Cresswell. CLICK HERE
These two stories are related whether we are examining cancer healing miracles of Mary McKillop by religious means or patients with advanced cancer who claim to have been cured by lifestyle and meditation, thus creating the link to a spiritual intervention causing the healing.
Here is where the waters muddy  – Are miraculous acts of healing associated with innate, natural biological responses and can these be triggered at a point in time when faced with death? Intangibles such as faith, will to live, love, hope, inspiration may weave a complex partnership between biology and spirit reaching a place where the criteria for healing can come together – AKA The Spontaneous Remission. 
The Australian quotes Sydney oncologist David Bell, co-wrote a book on so-called spontaneous remission. He said he knew of about 400 confirmed cases worldwide over the past 150 years.
For hundreds of years, the phenomenon of spontaneous remission has fascinated the greatest minds in cancer medicine. US researchers Caryle Hirshberg and Brendan O’Regan authored a classic which are a must have for anyone researching the subject: “Spontaneous Remission: An Annotated Bibliography“.
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