Hyperthermia in German and American Clinics – follow on from Sunrise Channel 7 Grace Gawler

 The segment on hyperthermia treatment for cancer in Germany on Channel 7’s Sunrise before Christmas 2011, generated a lot interest and enquiry. I will be visiting Germany during the second half of March representing our Institute at a prestigious medical gathering where I will  introduce our original “Collaborative Medicine” concept at an oncology Symposium; the theme being: “New capabilities in laboratory diagnostics and individual therapies in cancer treatment”
We are able to attend the symposium as guest of the organisers and gratefully, our air travel and expenses are paid for; helpful for our Gold Coast non profit organisation. During our stay, we will explore various hyperthermia clinics in Germany and plan to bring back a wealth of literature, studies and ideas. If you are wondering about hyperthermia, how it works and how it can help cancer situations, please watch the following short video from Oncotherm – the manufacture of medical hyperthermia units in Europe.

 [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhrQ5uu7z-4&w=420&h=315]

We see this trip to Germany as an opportunity to explore first-hand, several clinics includng the hospital of Prof Alex Herzog and the clinics of Dr Ursula Jacob,  and Dr Peter Wolf. All use hyperthermia as a part of a comprehensive cancer treatment program. We will also meet with Prof Thomas Vogl famous for his method of chemotherapy delivery; called chemo-perfusion which is often a partner to hyperthermia treatment, adding to the possibility of successful outcomes.

Hyperthermia is now also used in some hospitals in the USA. Cancer Treatment Centers of America website is now promoting the benefits of hyperthermia in cancer therapy. The following video has excellent information about hyperthermia and as well, there is an inspiring patient story:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jF-nm8fi3oo&w=420&h=315]
Breast cancer hyperthermia, is now a leading-edge medical treatment in the USA and is used to heat and destroy or damage cancer cells. A non-invasive therapy, breast cancer hyperthermia works by delivering microwave energy directly to the tumor. By exposing a small area of cancerous breast tissue to high temperatures (about 106 degrees), hyperthermia therapy damages proteins and structures within cells, thereby shrinking breast tumors.

The heat increases blood and oxygen circulation within the breast tumor, helping to make cancer cells more vulnerable to the effects of other treatments, like breast cancer radiation therapy and certain chemotherapy drugs. Thus, hyperthermia is often used in conjunction with one of these other therapies. The radiation oncologist  typically uses hyperthermia to treat superficial breast tumors located within a few centimeters from the surface of the body. Hyperthermia is also a promising option if you have advanced or recurrent breast cancer, as the treatment may help to improve your quality of life after breast cancer radiation therapy. To watch a short video about breast cancer hyperthermia- click the link:

The Grace Gawler Institute specialises in preparation, liaison and collaboration with clinics of excellence worldwide so that you can access the best in cancer care. We organise your medical files and dialogue directly with doctors about your treatment plan and quote. All you need to do is arrive at the airport – we ensure you have a friendly face waiting for you at your destination airport. Having had several pioneering surgical procedures myself in a foreign country – I personally appreciate the important journey patients make in order to extend their lives and hopefuly arrest their cancer. Remember also that overseas treatments may not be the magic bullet – there are things you may need to change /attend to in your personal life to lower your risk of recurrence. As well, it is imperative that you have treating oncologist who is prepared to continue treatments or monitor your situation on return to Australia. Support groups after returning can be helpful – we will begin online webinar support groups before June this year – you can log on from anywhere in the world! An announcement will be made on this blog.
All the overseas clinics/hospitals we recommend, practise integrated oncology – they are not alternative medicine practices.
Please contact me for further information at Email: institute@gracegawler.com  website www.gracegawlerinstitute.com 

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Hyperthermia segment on Channel 7 Sunrise – Grace Gawler comments Part 3.

Miracle Cure? Sunrise Channel 7     Select link to watch video (Dec 19 2011)

Turning up the Heat on Cancer Cells:
Channel 7 Sunrise created a groundswell of interest around Australia this week with their telecast of a segment about hyperthermia in Germany.

Cancer cell dying in heat

In this third blog on this subject, I would like to discuss the importance of hyperthermia in a treatment program for cancer. Parmenides, a Greek physician and philosopher (540-480 B.C.), said “Give me a chance to create a fever and I will cure any disease.” In 2011 that sweeping statement can be qualified more accurately as to how much hyperthermia can help bring about a remission from cancer.

In the past 2 years many clients have arrived at our Institute with a poor prognosis – many having exclusively used alternative medicine for years despite the fact their cancer would have been treatable by local conventional medicine had they taken that path.  Some of these patients have been able to gain life quality and extend their lives up to 2 years after visiting German clinics who have offered among many therapies – hyperthermia.   A rare few in this group have worked hard for their remissions & their survival given tumour load has been remarkable. The Institute has supported many cancer patients in their quest for recovery and it is a great feeling to know that many of our clients who had dire prognoses, are spending another precious Christmas with family & friends. However I also remember each Christmas those brave souls who didn’t make it despite the best treatments here and overseas. Working with cancer is a sobering experience.

The moral of the cancer story is clear – find it early – treat it early & don’t waste time playing Russian Roulette with unproven internet & alt/med “cures”.

A considerable part of the Grace Gawler Institute’s work focuses on international referrals. Leading the field in Australia with this ’boutique’ service, the Institute provides cancer patients with an international case management service, ideal when treatment options for patients in Australia are limited or exhausted. At the patients request, we refer them to reputed hospitals, universities and specialists offering advanced treatments. These are mostly in Germany.

As the Founder of my Institute  and myself a survivor of a world “first” bionic implant procedure – The Netherlands 2003; I have respect for medical options that are not available in Australia. Had I not made my decsion to travel overseas for treatment – I would not be writing this blog! There are always risks in choices we make in life and when it comes to our health, survival or life quality – we need to be sure that we are making well considered choices based on evidence-based practises. Hyperthermia for one – has a multitude of time-proven research. Continue reading “Hyperthermia segment on Channel 7 Sunrise – Grace Gawler comments Part 3.”

Hyperthermia segment on Channel 7 Sunrise – Grace Gawler comments Part 2.

Understanding Hyperthermia (continued)

Channel 7 video link to Miracle Cure? Please view this video

Local Surface Hyperthermia –In addition to the treatment with Whole-Body-Hyperthermia (WBO) and Local Hyperthermia; patient’s can be given Local Surface Hyperthermia. This therapy method is especially suited for superficial tumors such as skin cancers, superficial lymph nodes and metastases of the skin and / or the muscles of different primary tumors (e.g.Malignant melanoma, superficial metastases of the Breast).

Local Surface Hyperthermia

For the Local Surface Hyperthermia the heat is generated with a water-filtered infrared radiation source (infrared A) which is able to penetrate into the tissue to a depth of around one inch (up to 2 cm). The whole procedure takes one hour.  Often Local Surface Hyperthermia is given  in combination with chemotherapy or immune-therapy to increase the effectiveness of the therapy.
The Local Surface Hyperthermia is a safe, non-invasive therapy without harmful side effects.

2. Local Hyperthermia For a long time it has been known that cancer cells may be damaged by heat.  If you heat up cancer tissues, heat shock proteins develop, initiating immunological mechanisms of defence against cancer cells.  Repair mechanisms in the cancer tissue after chemotherapy or irradiation get impaired by hyperthermia.  If the chemotherapy or irradiation is performed incombination with hyperthermia these treatments will be much more effective.

Local Hyperthermia

As a result, in many cases it is possible to use a lower dosage of chemotherapy which means less toxicity for the patient.

In local hyperthermia, cancer tissue or metastases are heated up by using short wave irradiation with 13.56 Mhz and an energy up to 150 watts.  Penetration depth is about 20 cm.  In the tumour tissue, temperatures higher than 42 c (107.6 f) are achieved.  While healthy cells tolerate this treatment malignant cells get damaged.  The local hyperthermia has no significant side effects.  During the treatment the patient stays relaxed on a warm water bed.

 3. Whole Body Hyperthermia (WBH)   The healing effect of fever has been known for many centuries.  Whole body hyperthermia (WBH) is a new treatment using the well known principle of fever in a therapeutic way. There are different ways of action: • Fever to activate the immune system • Heat as thermic damage of cancer tissue • The thermic increase of the efficiency of chemotherapy

  3 a/ Moderate Whole Body Hyperthermia– stimulates & activates the immune system.  This treatment is given when chemotherapy is not appropriate.

Whole Body Hyperthermia

The body core temperature is raised to about 39.5 c (103.1 f), which simulates a natural fever increasing the number and activity of natural cells, T-helper cells and cytotoxic T-cells.  This treatment is also used in cancer diseases with special association to the immune system like renal-cell-carcinoma, malignant melanoma and special lymphomas. Moderate whole body hyperthermia is also used to prevent recurrences.

 3 b/ Extreme Whole Body Hyperthermia – particularly in advanced or metastatic disease. Extreme whole body hyperthermia is used in combination with chemotherapy in advanced or metastatic cancer.  The body core temperature is increased up to 42 c (107.6 f).  Extreme whole body hyperthermia is useful in advanced cancer, especially with metastases in different organs, e.g. in the liver, bones or lungs. Together with whole body hyperthermia, chemotherapy is more effective.  We start the chemotherapy at a temperature of about 41 c (105.8 f).  Very often it is possible to use very low doses of chemotherapy, so side effects of the chemotherapy are kept to a minimum.  Tumours or metastases resistant to chemotherapy can be successfully treated with a combination treatment of chemotherapy and whole body hyperthermia.  Body core temperature is increased carefully using whole body water filtered infra-red-A-irradiation.  The extreme whole body hyperthermia is a safe treatment. During the whole body hyperthermia the patient is in a special unit (IRATHERM 2000) and can be reached from all sides. To be continued…..
Please visit again for Part 3.

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Hyperthermia segment on Channel 7 Sunrise – Grace Gawler comments

Miracle Cure? Sunrise Channel 7     Select link to watch video (Dec 19 2011)

Yesterday’s Sunrise segment is a step towards further embracing medical hyperthermia here in Australia.

Having guided cancer patients for many decades to the best clinics in Germany when they run out of options here in Australia – I have a degree of knowledge about hyperthermia – in particular the Medical Oncotherm system. I specialise in International referrals for patients.

Travelling to Germany for Hyperthermia without knowledge or a case manager/guide and supportive oncologist is not recommended. It is essential because you will need followup when you return to Australia. I have seen and heard of many patients who have travelled to German clinics for treatments, having spectacular results with coordinated care including hyperthermia and chemotherapy and other treatments, only to return without the required support and advice and experience a relapse  & recurrence due to poor or no follow on treatments. Hyperthermia is a wonderful adjunct treatment with other therapies – in particular chemotherapies. Lower doses can be used due to the effect of heat on the cancer cells. There is ususally an immune support program associated with the treatment.

Oncotherm was founded in 1988 by Prof. Dr. András Szász, as a spin-off entrepreneurship based on research conducted at Eötvös Science University, located in Budapest. The electro-hyperthermia method was a completely new development in cancer treatment. Since its initial development, the medical and technical aspects of the method have been steadily improved, in accordance with the latest medical, scientific and technological findings. In the process, the method, now generally referred to as “Oncothermia”, has become one of the leading Hyperthermia-based therapies in Europe. At present, more than 100,000 Oncothermia treatments are provided worldwide every year, to patients with many different types of tumor disorders.

Understanding Hyperthermia & Oncothermia:

Oncothermia, a unique improvement on conventional oncological Hyperthermia, represents the next generation of Hyperthermia therapy. It selectively destroys malignant cells by applying the required specific energy dose. While traditional Hyperthermia functions solely via certain thermodynamic parameters, such as temperature, Oncothermia functions by controlling absorbed energy doses, via an approach similar to that used in radiation therapy. Oncothermia moves beyond conventional heat therapies by using controlled, selective energy transfer. Oncothermia transports energy directly to malignant cells, via a selecting electric field. The therapy thus functions in a largely apoptotic manner. The entire treatment is controlled by the modulated electric field that passes through the patient. In the process, the tumor becomes a constant, controllable parameter within a closed electric circuit. To be continued…….

Please contact Grace Gawler at institute@gracegawler.com for more information or for details about International case management & referrals or for more about hyperthermia in German clinics. www.gracegawler.com/institute