Hyperthermia segment on Channel 7 Sunrise – Grace Gawler comments Part 3.

Miracle Cure? Sunrise Channel 7     Select link to watch video (Dec 19 2011)

Turning up the Heat on Cancer Cells:
Channel 7 Sunrise created a groundswell of interest around Australia this week with their telecast of a segment about hyperthermia in Germany.

Cancer cell dying in heat

In this third blog on this subject, I would like to discuss the importance of hyperthermia in a treatment program for cancer. Parmenides, a Greek physician and philosopher (540-480 B.C.), said “Give me a chance to create a fever and I will cure any disease.” In 2011 that sweeping statement can be qualified more accurately as to how much hyperthermia can help bring about a remission from cancer.

In the past 2 years many clients have arrived at our Institute with a poor prognosis – many having exclusively used alternative medicine for years despite the fact their cancer would have been treatable by local conventional medicine had they taken that path.  Some of these patients have been able to gain life quality and extend their lives up to 2 years after visiting German clinics who have offered among many therapies – hyperthermia.   A rare few in this group have worked hard for their remissions & their survival given tumour load has been remarkable. The Institute has supported many cancer patients in their quest for recovery and it is a great feeling to know that many of our clients who had dire prognoses, are spending another precious Christmas with family & friends. However I also remember each Christmas those brave souls who didn’t make it despite the best treatments here and overseas. Working with cancer is a sobering experience.

The moral of the cancer story is clear – find it early – treat it early & don’t waste time playing Russian Roulette with unproven internet & alt/med “cures”.

A considerable part of the Grace Gawler Institute’s work focuses on international referrals. Leading the field in Australia with this ’boutique’ service, the Institute provides cancer patients with an international case management service, ideal when treatment options for patients in Australia are limited or exhausted. At the patients request, we refer them to reputed hospitals, universities and specialists offering advanced treatments. These are mostly in Germany.

As the Founder of my Institute  and myself a survivor of a world “first” bionic implant procedure – The Netherlands 2003; I have respect for medical options that are not available in Australia. Had I not made my decsion to travel overseas for treatment – I would not be writing this blog! There are always risks in choices we make in life and when it comes to our health, survival or life quality – we need to be sure that we are making well considered choices based on evidence-based practises. Hyperthermia for one – has a multitude of time-proven research. Continue reading “Hyperthermia segment on Channel 7 Sunrise – Grace Gawler comments Part 3.”