Hyperthermia segment on Channel 7 Sunrise – Grace Gawler comments

Miracle Cure? Sunrise Channel 7     Select link to watch video (Dec 19 2011)

Yesterday’s Sunrise segment is a step towards further embracing medical hyperthermia here in Australia.

Having guided cancer patients for many decades to the best clinics in Germany when they run out of options here in Australia – I have a degree of knowledge about hyperthermia – in particular the Medical Oncotherm system. I specialise in International referrals for patients.

Travelling to Germany for Hyperthermia without knowledge or a case manager/guide and supportive oncologist is not recommended. It is essential because you will need followup when you return to Australia. I have seen and heard of many patients who have travelled to German clinics for treatments, having spectacular results with coordinated care including hyperthermia and chemotherapy and other treatments, only to return without the required support and advice and experience a relapse  & recurrence due to poor or no follow on treatments. Hyperthermia is a wonderful adjunct treatment with other therapies – in particular chemotherapies. Lower doses can be used due to the effect of heat on the cancer cells. There is ususally an immune support program associated with the treatment.

Oncotherm was founded in 1988 by Prof. Dr. András Szász, as a spin-off entrepreneurship based on research conducted at Eötvös Science University, located in Budapest. The electro-hyperthermia method was a completely new development in cancer treatment. Since its initial development, the medical and technical aspects of the method have been steadily improved, in accordance with the latest medical, scientific and technological findings. In the process, the method, now generally referred to as “Oncothermia”, has become one of the leading Hyperthermia-based therapies in Europe. At present, more than 100,000 Oncothermia treatments are provided worldwide every year, to patients with many different types of tumor disorders.

Understanding Hyperthermia & Oncothermia:

Oncothermia, a unique improvement on conventional oncological Hyperthermia, represents the next generation of Hyperthermia therapy. It selectively destroys malignant cells by applying the required specific energy dose. While traditional Hyperthermia functions solely via certain thermodynamic parameters, such as temperature, Oncothermia functions by controlling absorbed energy doses, via an approach similar to that used in radiation therapy. Oncothermia moves beyond conventional heat therapies by using controlled, selective energy transfer. Oncothermia transports energy directly to malignant cells, via a selecting electric field. The therapy thus functions in a largely apoptotic manner. The entire treatment is controlled by the modulated electric field that passes through the patient. In the process, the tumor becomes a constant, controllable parameter within a closed electric circuit. To be continued…….

Please contact Grace Gawler at institute@gracegawler.com for more information or for details about International case management & referrals or for more about hyperthermia in German clinics. www.gracegawler.com/institute