Hyperthermia in German and American Clinics – follow on from Sunrise Channel 7 Grace Gawler

 The segment on hyperthermia treatment for cancer in Germany on Channel 7’s Sunrise before Christmas 2011, generated a lot interest and enquiry. I will be visiting Germany during the second half of March representing our Institute at a prestigious medical gathering where I will  introduce our original “Collaborative Medicine” concept at an oncology Symposium; the theme being: “New capabilities in laboratory diagnostics and individual therapies in cancer treatment”
We are able to attend the symposium as guest of the organisers and gratefully, our air travel and expenses are paid for; helpful for our Gold Coast non profit organisation. During our stay, we will explore various hyperthermia clinics in Germany and plan to bring back a wealth of literature, studies and ideas. If you are wondering about hyperthermia, how it works and how it can help cancer situations, please watch the following short video from Oncotherm – the manufacture of medical hyperthermia units in Europe.

 [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhrQ5uu7z-4&w=420&h=315]

We see this trip to Germany as an opportunity to explore first-hand, several clinics includng the hospital of Prof Alex Herzog and the clinics of Dr Ursula Jacob,  and Dr Peter Wolf. All use hyperthermia as a part of a comprehensive cancer treatment program. We will also meet with Prof Thomas Vogl famous for his method of chemotherapy delivery; called chemo-perfusion which is often a partner to hyperthermia treatment, adding to the possibility of successful outcomes.

Hyperthermia is now also used in some hospitals in the USA. Cancer Treatment Centers of America website is now promoting the benefits of hyperthermia in cancer therapy. The following video has excellent information about hyperthermia and as well, there is an inspiring patient story:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jF-nm8fi3oo&w=420&h=315]
Breast cancer hyperthermia, is now a leading-edge medical treatment in the USA and is used to heat and destroy or damage cancer cells. A non-invasive therapy, breast cancer hyperthermia works by delivering microwave energy directly to the tumor. By exposing a small area of cancerous breast tissue to high temperatures (about 106 degrees), hyperthermia therapy damages proteins and structures within cells, thereby shrinking breast tumors.

The heat increases blood and oxygen circulation within the breast tumor, helping to make cancer cells more vulnerable to the effects of other treatments, like breast cancer radiation therapy and certain chemotherapy drugs. Thus, hyperthermia is often used in conjunction with one of these other therapies. The radiation oncologist  typically uses hyperthermia to treat superficial breast tumors located within a few centimeters from the surface of the body. Hyperthermia is also a promising option if you have advanced or recurrent breast cancer, as the treatment may help to improve your quality of life after breast cancer radiation therapy. To watch a short video about breast cancer hyperthermia- click the link:

The Grace Gawler Institute specialises in preparation, liaison and collaboration with clinics of excellence worldwide so that you can access the best in cancer care. We organise your medical files and dialogue directly with doctors about your treatment plan and quote. All you need to do is arrive at the airport – we ensure you have a friendly face waiting for you at your destination airport. Having had several pioneering surgical procedures myself in a foreign country – I personally appreciate the important journey patients make in order to extend their lives and hopefuly arrest their cancer. Remember also that overseas treatments may not be the magic bullet – there are things you may need to change /attend to in your personal life to lower your risk of recurrence. As well, it is imperative that you have treating oncologist who is prepared to continue treatments or monitor your situation on return to Australia. Support groups after returning can be helpful – we will begin online webinar support groups before June this year – you can log on from anywhere in the world! An announcement will be made on this blog.
All the overseas clinics/hospitals we recommend, practise integrated oncology – they are not alternative medicine practices.
Please contact me for further information at Email: institute@gracegawler.com  website www.gracegawlerinstitute.com 

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