Grace Gawler’s concern about misreporting of Ian Gawler’s Cancer Remission Story- part 1

By Pip Cornall – The following article povides elaborate links of supporting evidence for this important case. Following the links will take some time but if you wish to know the errors and omissions in the Ian Gawler cancer healing story then you’ll find the evidence compelling… view post

Although Ian Gawler’s remarkable recovery has received 100’s  of major media coverages in the last three decades, Grace Gawler,  as his full time care giver/healer has been largely refused opportunities to tell her account of the story in the media. This has again happened in the past week with the ABC in Australia.

Surprisingly and ironically, it has been the Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) who have provided the opportunity!

Now, in a rigorously fact checked letter published recently in the MJA) – Sept 20 2010,  Grace has shown, with photo evidence, Ian Gawler’s healing story to be factually incorrect. Click Here

Grace explains how this myth has persisted for 3 decades  in her web page for the media – see Press Media Kit

The Problem – Over this time, the numbers of people turning away from conventional cancer medicine has snowballed. Grace experiences this weekly in her practice along with the following cancer professionals.

Dr Amanda Hordern, director of the Cancer Council Victoria’s information and support helpline, says the line is fielding an increasing number of calls from people who believe they can heal their bodies by undergoing restrictive dietary regimes, such as consuming 10 kilograms of juiced fruit and vegetables a day, eliminating dairy and meat, taking high doses of vitamin supplements or eating shark cartilage and having coffee enemas.

She says of the 600 calls about nutrition last year, many were from cancer patients convinced an extreme diet could cure them. ”I’ve spoken to people who have mortgaged their houses looking for this wonder cure. I’ve heard of $20,000 retreats where people go away and are taught how to have alternative diets that are unproven.

”People have asked us for financial assistance to pay for funerals because they’ve lost absolutely everything in pursuing the elusive hope and it hasn’t worked,” Dr Hordern told The Sunday Age.   The Sunday Age

Ray Lowenthal, Professor of Oncology Royal Hobart Hospital and Hobart University – “Ian Gawler’s ideas are making such an impact on the day-to-day treatment of cancer in this country, Gawler owes it to the community to justify, with evidence…

“Claims Gawler made in his books include – ‘meditation: ‘is the single most powerful tool to aid recovery from disease’; ‘allows the body to remove tumours’….etc.  Gawler’s ideas were unproven, some were potentially damaging, especially when patients adopted them as alternatives rather than as complementary to standard care. Click Here

Many cancer patients, influenced by stories like Ian Gawler’s, are exclusively choosing ‘alternative cancer cures.’  Many follow an ‘extreme’ diet regime like the Gerson Diet, that Ian Gawler tried and abandoned after 3 months when he lost almost half his body weight. See relevant extracts from Grace’s memoirs in the previous 4 blogs – starting with part 1.