Tips From a Four-Time Cancer Survivor-Grace Gawler Reports

A regular visitor to my blog, Bob Ellal has a website and a true story worth reading. Bob’s remission was hard-earned – now 12 years after being diagnosed with stage four lymphoma in 1991 he was given six months to live. He read everything he could about people who had survived supposedly terminal illnesses. One common thread emerged— says Bob: “They utilized the mind/body connection as a complement to Western allopathic treatment. For the next six months, I was given double doses of CHOP chemotherapy to destroy the rampant disease that littered my pelvis—and that had fractured my hip.” Bob incorporated visualisation methods  into his his cancer treatment program.
He adds: “
At the end of six months, against all odds, I was cancer free. My oncologist was shocked. But over the following five years the lymphoma cancer would return three times.” 
Few books and websites mention the challenge of dealing with setbacks and their psychological affect on patients. Bob’s shares the strategies that assisted him during these times and his spirit of survival shines through as he partners with allopathic medicine and CAM to achieve the best result possible – his survival! I recommend a visit to Bob’s website and his book for anyone going through cancer – particularly men. The book is insightful, inspiring, candid and oozes with honesty of someone who has walked the path, battled the adversities and not given in. Highly recommended! Visit Bob’s website for a great read about cancer survival. You can read sections of his book online for free as well as ordering online. the book is available for download on Smashwords for free. It’s also on Kindle for $2.99 or in hard copy.