The Grace Gawler Institute Launches the "Survive and Thrive Club"

The Grace Gawler Institute for Integrated Cancer Solutions 

Hello and Welcome: – The Survive and Thrive Club has been launched as a part of the my new Australian Charity –  The Grace Gawler Institute for Integrated Cancer Solutions – experts in survival strategies. Some already generous donors have helped with establishing the Grace Gawler Institute with the aim that we can create a truly charitable institution with low administration costs, small staff numbers & high service output utilising the lastest technology including a  “Cancer Cyber Center” that can provide low cost tools, information via eBooks, webinars, skype consultations , online courses and 2-3 day residential retreats. There are more exciting free broadcast plans in the pipeline.

It is the first step towards complementary and collaborative care that can be provided to needy. It has always been my belief that cancer patients should be able to receive exactly the same level of care – whether complementary or mainstream medicine, or a combination of both without the added burden of  being financially stressed as well as critically ill. Illness brings about tremendous suffering on all levels of existence and the ripple effect through family units is often a very sad consequence. I appreciate that when your life depends on finding cash in order to survive – it is a very stressful situation. The following recent publication short exerpt highlights the issues discussed on this blog

Financial Worries Top Psychosocial Concern of Cancer Patients – Elsevier Global Medical News. 2011 Feb 28, B Bates ANAHEIM, CALIF. (EGMN) – “Highlighting shifting priorities after the recession, nearly half of all recent psychosocial consultations with patients at a leading cancer center involved financial worries, rather than adjustment issues or other pressing mental health concerns…”

When I inspired and co founded the Gawler Foundation in the early 80’s, as a result of being Ian Gawler’s sole care-giver from 1974-1978; my vision was to raise funds from areas of society such as corporate Australia so that  continuity of services and longevity of the organisation could be assured while providing free services. If clients wish to pay for service or  make a donation towards services then it would automatically help others who were financially compromised and can’t pay for services. As organisations grow &  more people’s visions become involved- it becomes challenging  to hold to ideals. 

Grace Gawler
Me after life saving surgery 2000

However – although I resigned from the Gawler Foundation in 1996, I still hold to those ideals, in fact my passion has increased fuelled no doubt by my own experience. Since 1997 I have been through 20 surgical procedures myself over a 13 year period and having to relocate geographically 14 times including overseas for one year. My debt levels to survive were and are still enormous. With teenage children in my care for some of that time including a son with special needs. My situation is unfortunately far too common.

 I feel I have been at the coalface over cancer care as a care-giver, service provider to more than 13,000 patients during my career then a patient. It was not cancer in my case – but severe complications from a hysterectomy. Unable to use my bowels – the results were very similar to a cancer patient’s experience. My situation was life threatening many times and I am now minus 5 ft of large colon and 5 ft of small bowel due to nerve damage and impaction. 2002 – 2003 I had an experimental procedure for a bionic colon – it was a success and a world first procedure performed in Holland. I know a great deal about surviving and thriving and will share many of my tips via. Select the link below to join – its free – no obligation – cancel at at any time  The Survive and Thrive Club .

 The Survive and Thrive Club  offers cancer patients at all stages of their illness, the opportunity to source accurate, (real) evidence-based medicine and cancer information.

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