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My wife, Jo, and I met Grace in September 2009, when Jo was fast succumbing to the effects of advanced Breast Cancer. It’s fair to say that if we hadn’t met Grace at that point Jo would probably not have survived. Grace gave us hope, support and recommended us to the best available medical treatment for Jo’s situation, which, as it turns out, was at a specialist integrated Cancer Clinic in Germany. Jo has responded extremely well to her treatment in what has virtually been a ‘miraculous’ turn-around. She still consults with Grace on a regular basis to discuss her on-going treatment, her emotional status and all aspects of her well being. Jo’s grateful husband, Robin may 2010

Baxter’s Story – A Small Miracle
My journey with Baxter and his family began early 2007 Grace Gawler
A Testimonial from Baxter’s mum Noni see http://www.gracegawler.com/data/baxter.pdf

The women in the video were assisted to recovery by Grace. They in turn have gone on to help many others – that’s the ripple effect!


Professional Testimonials:

“It was a privilege and blessing to work with Grace, who generously shared her bountiful talent with our Spa scholars . Grace brought to life the true healing spirit and intention of therapy, and translated this into a workable model which the students could easily apply into their day to day jobs as therapists. This spirit of healing is something that the whole industry needs to assimilate and Grace is a catalyst in making this happen.” Cathy – Spa professionals Manila, Philippines.

‘ I applaud Grace Gawler’s advocacy for the therapeutic relationship as the key to client self empowerment and healing. Grace turns the professional practitioner’s attention towards how we are being with the client, rather than what we are doing to the client. Drawing from both her personal and professional experience, Grace shows us a way of being present with our clients; a way in which our therapeutic techniques and frameworks can be re-contextualised, so that they no longer mediate our interaction with our clients, but take their rightful place as an adjunct to the therapeutic relationship.’ Sharron Mackison— Reiki Australia

“I learned a technique from Grace Gawler which helps me to take little moments in the day for myself. Even if it’s just sitting in your car before you turn on the engine, take 10 seconds, take a breath and centre yourself. It’s like filling up a bank of energy and it works.”
Olivia Newton-John Australian Women’s Weekly November 2007

“Spirit of the burning flame….. you are a testament Grace of the power within all of us and the road to all possibilities”
Lynda Chachaty – Corporate Coach, Sydney,Australia

Grace Gawler inspires and motivates those who hear her speak about her experiences in helping both those who have cancer and those who support them. Grace has the ability to put complex issues across in such a way that people can immediately grasp how they themselves can adapt and use the ideas. Her approach is inspiring for people on a spiritual level, whilst at the same time providing a real grasp of the practical issues that people face in real life. A rare talent in this complex field.
Pat Tuton Faculty of Health & Social Care, Uni West England

A poignant, elegantly presented keynote address that profoundly touched the hearts and souls of the 300 who attended. Cork is grateful for your journey here.
Cunmah Group, The Bonsecours Hospital, Ireland

Fantastic! Inspiring! Well done!
Bongiorno & Partners, Melbourne

Words cannot express what a joy it was to hear your story told with such simplicity and inspiration. You left us all in a profound sense of presence of universal and divine compassion. Over the years we have had hundreds of speakers as you can imagine. Some more than excellent and most of them inspiring in their different ways. But last night was an exceptional presentation for all who attended.
Pat Pilkington MBE, The Bristol Cancer Help Centre -Now The Penny Brohn Centre, Pill UK

1998 – Grace received The inaugural Rotary Jean Harris Award for her services to help the progress of women in society – i.e for her work with women with breast cancer.
This award is the highest honour given for a non-rotarian.

I wanted to thank you once again for your wonderful lecture on Saturday at “Claire’s Memorial Day” I really wished Claire had met you- she would have loved your zest for life, your uplifting humour and your constantly challenging mind! The content of your lecture was fantastic – everyone in the audience benefitted in some way. You truly inspired people to “think out of the box” and live their lives in a new and exciting way.
Feedback from Claire Harding Memorial Lecture, Chelmsford – Essex University UK

Grace is an excellent communicator to both large and small audiences. She speaks with clarity and a simplicity which is well accepted by lay audiences and health professionals. Those who know Grace, are impressed by her as a person of humility, high intelligence, confidence, capability and a quick analytical insight. She approaches her work and speaking with diligence and enthusiasm.
Professor Ray Kearney, University of Sydney, Australia

Grace has been a key speaker at three of our seminars. At each of these seminars, Grace has provided inspiration and encourgaement to breast cancer sufferers, some of who have travelled many kilometres to her her speak. Her exceptional communication skills have assisted many women in taking control of their own health.
BCAQ – Breast Cancer Association of Queensland

Although I attended your seminar as a supporter, I received more out of the presentation than many other self-development and health seminars that I have attended. I feel your seminars would help all who wish to develop and advance in today’s world. The skills I learned will help me now and in the future; things I wasn’t even aware of before attending.
Christine Barnes, Cairns, Qld.

2009 -Grace is National Finalist for Churchill Fellowship Award.

July 2009 – Grace accepts the honour of being Patron for Reiki Australia.