Can Fibre Diffraction Diagnosis Detect Cancer Years Before its Onset | Yes says Professor Veronica James

Navigating the Early Detection Maze! Just imagine if cancer could be detected long before the process of a mammogram or PSA test or scan discovered advanced disease? According to Physicist, Professor Veronica James who has devoted her life to Scientific Research in the area of early diagnosis; the answer is a resounding YES!

Navigating the Early Detection Maze! Just imagine if cancer could be detected long before the process of a mammogram or PSA test or scan discovered advanced disease?

Fibre Diffraction Diagnosis
Professor Veronica James

According to Physicist, Professor Veronica James who has devoted her life to Scientific Research in the area of early diagnosis; the answer is a resounding YES! Just imagine if she is right and there is a strong probability she is; earlier cancer diagnosis than we currently have access to, is possible! Interview Voice America:

Prof James has worked on breast cancer since the 1980s & developed Fibre Diffraction Diagnosis”, a method to detect cancer using x-rays of nail clippings, hair or skin. An unusual concept; but this almost 80 year old Australian scientist has the science and credibility to back up her research results.

One of the fears and anxieties amongst cancer patients I see, is their concern that they may have somehow passed on their cancer genes to the children or grandchildren. Wouldn’t it be wonderful for them to know there was a test that could lead to a clean bill of health or an early diagnosis?

Prof Veronica James is not a name that one recognizes unless you are in the academic research field; and so the question that begs to be asked is – Why Not? What happened to her research and findings and why hasn’t she had the funding to continue her work? These questions that require an answer.

I visited Veronica at her home this week to record an interview for my Voice America Internet Radio Show that aired today on Navigating the Cancer Maze. I was horrified to hear about her battles to get this invaluable contribution to cancer research recognised. Despite her credentials, she has had to fight tremendous battles to assert her research findings in Science. A snippet of the issues she has had to endure are to be found in the Herald-Sun article January 06, 2010!  Titled Professor Veronica James’s quest to shield others by Olga Galacho.  Well worth a read! Here is someone who I consider is a Grand Dame of Science in Australia, a National Treasure. Please contact me via the contact page on the menu if you would like to support Prof James research.

Her research and results from studying early diagnosis of breast cancer using Fibre Diffraction Diagnosis, is astounding.

This story of discovery is amazing and somewhat serendipitous. In 1996, Veronica reported to the medical personnel at Christie’s Hospital Manchester, the 4 changes she had observed in the collagenous ductal tissue of the breast that precede breast cancer noting that, in the final stage, the breast tissue had reversed to foetal tissue.

Rings identified by Prof Veronica James as disease states
Rings identified by Prof Veronica James as disease states

Veronica was asked whether she had observed similar foetal tissue in the skin as had been reported in breast cancer. A subsequent study at the local Daresbury synchrotron of 14 skin samples did show a possible foetal-like change similar to the penultimate change in the breast. Christie’ Hospital Oncologists agreed to provide 200 samples to confirm these results but when she arrived in England to collect them, the samples had disappeared from their freezer. As Veronica had already studied changes in hair in insulin dependent diabetes and was due in Japan the following day, she asked if a clinic was in progress and being told that it was asked if a hair sample could be taken from each of the participants. With hoots of laughter they agreed asking her what she thought she would find. Veronica told them nothing but that she would not be in disgrace in Japan for arriving without any samples. They were still laughing when she collected these samples the next day. When Veronica started to look at the samples the following day in Japan, she found strange rings superimposed on the normal hair patterns and after blaming and reassembling the machine she finally found out that only 8 of the 19 samples showed this ring.

Veronica sent back to England the numbers of these samples thinking that they might have something in common – same family, same shampoo, same hairdressers etc. Their return email stated simply that Veronica had picked out all the breast cancer patients. This was confirmed by taking these and further blinded sets to other synchrotrons. The changes relating to other cancers and Alzheimer’s Disease, were found in the 4000 subsequent blinded tests from 14 different international sources when patients with other cancers were included to prove that the discovered change was specific to breast cancer. As each new change was identified, further studies were undertaken to verify the specificity of each new change.

Professor Veronica James maintains that her results can be easily duplicated if the correct procedures are followed. Basically what Veronica is doing is taking a sample of skin, nail or hair and shining an x-ray beam through it. Upon examination of the x-ray one can observe rings which in their various positions indicate if the patient is developing a particular type of cancer. An absence of rings indicates the patient is healthy. Veronica claims that cancer can be detected very early using her method.

To see a short video with explanations of the test; Fiber Diffraction Diagnosis (FDD) with Prof Veronica James-Please visit the link below. ABC TV – Australia -“The Inventors”.

Research Gate – a portal for academic research lists 52 Publications for Professor James. Her areas of expertise include: Biological Physics, Medical Biochemistry: Proteins And Peptides (Incl. Medical Proteomics), Structural Chemistry And Spectroscopy, Physical Chemistry Of Materials, Medicinal & Bio-molecular Chemistry, Oncology & Carcinogenesis.

AWARDS: Prof James has an Order of Australia Medal for her services to the deaf. 1992 Quota South Pacific Breast Cancer Research Award, 1999 American Biographical Institute Woman of the Year and 2004 International Scientist of the Year IBC Cambridge. She has recently been awarded an honorary doctorate of Science from Cambridge.

There is an annual two day camp called the Veronica James Science Challenge for Hearing Impaired Children supported by the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Medicine through its department of pathology.


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Prof James has had a distinguished university teaching career progressing to Associate Professor, UNSW. She has been Visiting Fellow, Research School of Chemistry ANU, Visiting Fellow, Dep’t of Pathology UWA. Semi retired, she is presently Adjunct Professor, Research School of Chemistry ANU and wishes to continue cancer research to further develop her methods to help humanity. Thank you to Prof James for her permission to use her research and  images on this blog.

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