Navigating the Cancer Maze Celebrating Two years On Voice America | Grace Gawler Health Intelligence

Navigating the Cancer Maze Celebrating Two years On Voice America | Grace Gawler Health Intelligence

TWO year anniversary VA

PART ONE: Navigating the cancer Maze uniquely takes an all round eclectic and authentic look at Cancer. Each week, for the past two years we have discussed everything that is relevant to a person or family dealing with cancer.  We don’t only discuss life saving treatments – but we also discuss end of life issues and care. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THIS WEEKS SHOW  Navigating the Cancer Maze with Health Intelligence

First of all – some resources: Last week on  Navigating the Cancer Maze, I interviewed David Pastalozzi Producer of Strath a Swiss formulation with Longevity that every cancer patient should know about!  CLICK HERE for more about this wonderful product.

If you are new to the show or missed the previous shows – they are recorded at Voice America & located in the Archives on the top right of my webpage at VOICE AMERICA Health and Wellness channel. Please take a look at all our wonderful past guests on the show & their interviews. Free to listen and download anytime.……..Recently, I have been fortunate to interview people who work at the coal face with the dying and bereaved. Beth O’Brien is a trained bereavement & grief counselor, &  funeral celebrant. In light of the suicide death of actor Robin Williams there was a global increase in services/inquiries for those who need help with depression or substance abuse. I asked Beth O’Brien if she could share some very useful resources that all of us may need at some stage in life, whether for us or for a friend!  To Listen to my interview with Beth O’Brien: CLICK HERE

To resource more about this important subject you can also access the guest page where there are links; should you wish to contact any of the organizations mentioned or my guests. (select URL above to locate my Voice America page).

Dying to be Free: A healing guide for families after a suicide (Beverly Cobain, Jean Larch) CLICK HERE

The Grief Recovery  Handbook: The action program for moving beyond Death, Divorce and other losses  by John W James and Russell Friedman   CLICK HERE

Changing the topic to ‘living well’…….Lifestyle and Health Promotion – also mentioned on this week’s show…….

Two wonderful Programs featured on ABC TV: Catalyst over the passed 2 weeks. If you want to explore the links between diet and lifestyle – then this program is not to be missed!  Science is catching up with some of the sound  ‘old school Naturopathy’ that I was taught by my mentor & friend the late Dorothy Hall. I still use these old school principles in my Practice – but now have the science to back up my approach. In 40 years having worked with 16,000 cancer patients – one gets more than just an insight into the efficacy of cancer treatments and prevention programs. If you missed Catalyst, you can click through to find the videos:
Go to   You can download Episode 5: 14/08/2014     Episode 6: 21/08/2014 as MP4 files

Finally today – Please visit my new website for Consultations-Medicine with Heart, Skill and Compassion

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More about Health Intelligence Australia in PART TWO – coming soon. Enjoy the day!