David Tuccaro Leukemia Survivor talks about ‘Bad to the Bone’ his memoir by Marala Scott on Navigating the Cancer Maze with Grace Gawler

Navigating the Cancer Maze, Grace Gawler interviews David Tuccaro Jr about his Survival story and book ‘Bad to the Bone | The True Story of David Tuccaro Jr’. The book is authored by Award-winning Author and Oprah’s Ambassador of Hope, Marala Scott. The story is about David’s recovery from ALL, a childhood leukemia. The book is aptly named; leukemia being an illness that begins in bone marrow. As an adult with a leukemia that is predominantly seen in children; at 25 years of age, David’s prognosis was very poor.

If you want to be inspired by a well written, poignant survival story about recovery from Leukemia…
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In fact…….. if you only buy 1 book this year – then this is the one!  David Tuccaro Jr’s story is powerful and well told. ‘Bad to the Bone-’ The True Story of David Tuccaro Jr is a book about his David Tuccaro Jnr Bad to the Bonerecovery from ALL – a childhood leukemia is aptly named; leukemia being an illness that begins in bone marrow. As an adult with a leukemia that is predominantly seen in children; at 25 years of age, David’s prognosis was very poor.

On today’s Navigating the Cancer Maze, I had the pleasure of interviewing David about his memoirs and about Award-winning Author, Oprah’s Ambassador of Hope, Marala Scott, who transcribed his story of Leukemia diagnosis through to his remission. This episode is full of inspiring tips and tools for anyone who is navigating their own cancer maze. You can also download the show or listen on audio streaming at:


At just 25 years old, approximately seven years ago,  David Tuccaro Jr, a Mikisew Cree First Nation man from Fort McMurray Canada, was diagnosed with leukemia. He was facing a death sentence. His story is poignant, raw in its honesty and an inspiration to those who are navigating the leukemia maze.

Navigating the Cancer Maze serves as a reliable source of information for cancer patients and families. Every guest on the show has a well researched and authentic story to offer to the community. Such is David Tuccaro Jr’s story; a tumultuous journey of self-discovery through pain, hopelessness and the feeling of inadequacy to inspire others to overcome adversity.

After finding his purpose, he is living out his passion of teaching others to save lives by registering to become a bone marrow donor.
David says:“When I was going through what I’d gone through with the leukemia, I had my doctors telling me one thing, what to expect, and my family and friends telling me what to expect, but I didn’t have a survivor telling me what to expect; that’s what the book is really about, to answer some of these questions. There needs to be somebody that has gone through this to give you the hope that you really need to get through it.”

David Tuccaro Jr is a powerful advocate bringing awareness to the life-saving impact that a bone marrow donor unselfishly provides. David is alive after years of hospital procedures thanks to his spirit, medical science, support and the altruism of one man who donated his bone marrow. Four years after the lifesaving transplant David met his bone marrow donor, Christian Holtmann from Germany. He says: “I’ll never forget the first meeting I had with Christian; it was the greatest moment of my life.” David Tuccaro Jr hopes his and Christian’s story will inspire others to donate bone marrow. “That is what saved my life”, David said.

To buy the Book or you are interested in becoming a Bone Marrow Donor – please visit: www.DavidTuccaro.com

The book is available in Hard Cover or eBook – Kindle Kobo etc. BUY ON AMAZON

PUBLISHER: www.seraphbooks.com 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  Marala Scott is an Award-winning Author and Oprah’s Ambassador of Hope, (In Our House: Perception vs. Reality and Surrounded By Inspiration). Marala Scott takes you inside the horrific battle of a young man with Leukemia and shares the unique perspective of his bone marrow donor. The Story of David Tuccaro Jr. will give you strength and inspiration never before felt! For more information on Marala Scott visit www.maralascott.com.

“What he describes is that journey we are all seeking; it is that transformation to a better life.”
–Dr. Gary Ruelas D.O., Ph.D.

“This should be a television show done by a conscientious film maker— This story is nothing less than an epic.”
–Peter C. Newman, Legendary Journalist and Author

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