Grace Gawler's concern about misreporting of Ian Gawler's Cancer Remission Story- part 1

By Pip Cornall – The following article povides elaborate links of supporting evidence for this important case. Following the links will take some time but if you wish to know the errors and omissions in the Ian Gawler cancer healing story then you’ll find the evidence compelling… view post

Although Ian Gawler’s remarkable recovery has received 100’s  of major media coverages in the last three decades, Grace Gawler,  as his full time care giver/healer has been largely refused opportunities to tell her account of the story in the media. This has again happened in the past week with the ABC in Australia.

Surprisingly and ironically, it has been the Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) who have provided the opportunity!

Now, in a rigorously fact checked letter published recently in the MJA) – Sept 20 2010,  Grace has shown, with photo evidence, Ian Gawler’s healing story to be factually incorrect. Click Here

Grace explains how this myth has persisted for 3 decades  in her web page for the media – see Press Media Kit Continue reading “Grace Gawler's concern about misreporting of Ian Gawler's Cancer Remission Story- part 1”

Gawler Foundation – Ainslie Meares – Grace Gawler reveals the true story in Grace, Grit and Gratitude – part 1

By Pip Cornall –  extracts from Grace Gawler’s memoirs – Grace, Grit and Gratitude – self published 2008 – are available on my blog

Grace wrote the book to ‘To Tell the True Story’ that the media would not publish – free downloads available on Google Books

Ainslie Meares 1978 Medical Journal of Australia (MJA) article gave medical authority  to the inference that mediation cured Ian Gawler’s bone cancer after conventional treatments failed. Grace Gawler’s 2010 MJA article proves he and another  2008 MJA article inverted timelines – to make it appear meditation and a vegan diet cured his cancer.  Grace shows, with photo evidence they both got it wrong! Click here

Buy Organic for 20 good reasons – Biological Farmers of Australia

Featuring article from the Biological Farmers of Australia  see – by Pip Cornall

In Grace’s 35 years of cancer work she has seen increasing numbers of farmer patients and their wives with pesticide and heavy metal residues proven by diagnostic tests (blood, urine, hair analysis). Many of them have become cancer patients. So the article from Biological Farmers of Australia website is a great reminder to revise our interest in organic farming and eat like our grandparents ate – pesticide free.

Buy Organic for 20 good reasons:

1. Reduce chemical runoff and residues in drinking water, waterways and coastal areas. Runoff is the main cause of diminishing marine life, animals and plants. Approximately 30 000 tonnes of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and plant growth regulators are used each year in Australia (OzProspect, 2003).

2. Restore soils for productive cropland and secure the future of Australian agriculture. Forty-eight per cent of Australian croplands have topsoils that are marginally acidic or worse (Land & Water Australia, 2001). Organic farming systems are based on the principle of land and soil regeneration and best environmental practice. Continue reading “Buy Organic for 20 good reasons – Biological Farmers of Australia”

Cancer and Diet – Eat More for Health

By pip Cornall – This diet advice is taken straight from the NCI website (National Cancer Institute – USA).  I’ve bolded some of the main points.

Diet and Diseases


Serious diseases that are linked to what we eat kill an estimated three out of four Americans each year. These diseases include heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, some types of cancer, and diabetes. Eating a diet that contains 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day as part of a healthy, active lifestyle lowers the risk for all of these diseases.

Most Americans don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables to keep them healthy. Despite the fact that they are important for maintaining overall good health and preventing diseases, eating fruits and vegetables is not even on many people’s radar screens.

Taking multivitamins doesn’t solve the problem–it is impossible to capture all of the vitamins, minerals, disease-fighting phytochemicals, and fiber found in fruits and vegetables, in a pill. Only fruits and vegetables, not vitamin pills, can provide all of these health-protecting nutrients together.

WHO IS AT RISK? Continue reading “Cancer and Diet – Eat More for Health”

Your beauty products may be killing you – watch this video

By Pip Cornall

I came across this new video which explains a probable reason so many young people are getting cancer and other toxicity related illnesses

In the quest to raise cancer prevention awareness – Please pass it around –


Integrated Cancer Solutions?

What is Integrated Cancer Solutions? by Pip Cornall

NB: Before you go any further be sure to read 11 month old Baxter’s amazing story (see below)

What is Integrated Cancer Solutions?
The  supportive care cancer medicine pioneering life work of Grace Gawler inspires the new institute at Hope Island, Qld.

What I find remarkable is Grace’s ability as a real team player/co-ordinator as she constantly liaises between patient, GPs, oncologists, pathology, family, care givers and anyone else involved in the successful outcome of her patients. Continue reading “Integrated Cancer Solutions?”

Idealistic Diets for Cancer Healing – Who can you believe?

By Pip Cornall

Would you take advice from an ‘expert’ who had not succeeded in his/her field?

Yet, crazy as it seems, driven by a sense of urgency and fear, in recent years, cancer patients are doing just that. They’re flocking to buy the latest books and DVDs from ‘dubious’ entrepreneurs in the cancer healing industry—and a huge industry it is with cancer affecting one in three—predicted to be one in two within a decade.

Naively, I thought people in the healing industry would be scrupulously honest but I was wrong. I’ve found that lies, hidden motives and agendas exist right across the healing spectrum. On top of that there is misreporting, urban myths and premature conclusions drawn from scant evidence. Continue reading “Idealistic Diets for Cancer Healing – Who can you believe?”

Beware Fad Diet for Cancer Healing – Gwyneth Paltrow diet story

Because Grace is seeing so many cancer patients harming their health or risking their lives following extreme diets we decided to run this post about Gwyneth Paltrow. Please consider wisely before embracing any ‘extreme’ diet regimes or contact Grace at

Fad diet leaves Gwyneth Paltrow with brittle bones  –

* Star is suffering from osteopenia
* Precursor to brittle bone disease
* She was follower of macrobiotic diet

HOLLYWOOD star Gwyneth Paltrow was a pin-up for healthy living but her extreme dieting may have given her the bones of an 80-year-old woman.

The 37-year-old actress – who has followed a macrobiotic diet for 11 years and exercises up to three hours a day – has revealed that she has been diagnosed with osteopenia, an illness that can lead to the serious bone disease osteoporosis

see –

Cancer death puts homeopathy in dock – balanced dialogue required

Australian paper’s headlines read…. Cancer death puts homeopathy in dock
Inquest hears of carers’ concerns
Dingle says wife unwilling to have surgery

The headlines discuss the Penelope Dingle inquest in Perth this last week – (see links to full articles and extracts of articles below)

This is a ‘hot’ topic with the potential to further polarise conventional and ‘alternate’ medicine. Mature dialogue is required so both polarities can see reason and become less entrenched. A glance around the internet reveals countless ‘skeptics’ blogs laced with the usual bias they purport to disdain. Continue reading “Cancer death puts homeopathy in dock – balanced dialogue required”

Bridging the Gaps in Cancer Treatment

ABC FM Radio Gold Coast Interview – Nicole Dyer interviews Grace Gawler about her new Integrated cancer Solutions Trust. – by Pip Cornall

For 35 years Grace has combined conventional and complementary medicine to give her cancer patients the best possible outcomes. In this ABC radio interview she speaks about her history, the new charitable trust and the formation of a new integrated cancer solutions centre on the Gold Coast. The need for an integrated approach is illustrated by the controversial and tragic death of Penelope Dingle in Perth, which is receiving much publicity.  (it will be featured in detail in my next blog).

click to listen to the 10 minute interview-    Bridging the gaps in cancer treatment