Surviving Adversity – Grace Gawler with Denise Drysdale

When she was just 21, Grace Gawler had a promising future. The former Geelong-born veterinary nurse had plans to study veterinary medicine when she received a lucrative modelling offer, enough to pay her university fees. Concurrently, her boyfriend, Ian Gawler, lost his leg to bone cancer. Grace was at a vital choice point; pursue glamorous, well-paid modelling work, while studying to become a vet, or support her boyfriend. The latter meant foregoing her personal and financial independence—and… lifelong dreams of becoming a vet. She chose to support Ian. Their proactive cancer journey and Ian’s eventual and unexpected recovery brought about by a combination of mainstream and complementary therapies; became a famous and a part of Australian medical history.

After a marathon effort helping Ian and thousands of cancer patients Grace’s life was turned upside down by a routine surgery gone wrong. She battled for her life over 13 years and found her solutions in Holland – becoming the world’s first bionically operated colon.

Grace talks about what she has learned and how that can help patients in the battle for their lives