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What is the best path for cancer patients?   The new Grace Gawler Institute’s Survive and Thrive One-Day Intensives are designed to streamline the cancer experience, take away the confusion and replace it with confidence by learning the “How Tos” of being a successful patient. Being a Successful patient is not always about conquering cancer – sometimes it is living well with cancer while extending life that exudes good quality – while other times it may be an unexpected remission or partial remission. One thing that experience tells me  is that 99% of patients will benefit enormously from the Grace Gawler Institute’s approach.

I believe that with good oncological advice/treatment in combination with support and skilled psycho-oncology, that patients give themselves the best chance. With modern advances in cancer medicine – the longer you live with it and manage it, the greater the chance of a new breakthrough treatment. For example, if you did not see last Monday’s Australian Story – I recommend you view this inspiring documentary about two Australian scientists and their quest for one of medicine’s holy grails  – finding a way to treat cancer without the side effects.

The  two scientists epitomise care and compassion in what can appear to be a heartless and mercenary profession.  I believe it is essential that we rise above the old negative paradigms of conspiracies about research and ‘big bad Pharma’ and embrace the true holistic model of medicine. It is hard to imagine where we would all be without modern medicines assistance. This is true complementary medicine and in the true sense of the word; it is holistic medicine. To not include conventional medicine as a part of a holistic medicine model (i.e. truly treating the whole person) is quite ludicrous in 2011. Body, mind, emotion and spirit all need attention. If a cancer is ravaging the body – doesn’t it make sense to treat the body and all its compartments and psychology by the best means possible?

Interestingly, there has been increasing information that most cancers have genetic abberations caused by viruses, bacterium or chronic inflammation and infections. A recent hypothesis put forward by Dr. zur Hausen* who presented his theory at the World Congress of Dermatology in Seoul, South Korea is that viruses are already implicated in 64% of the known infection-related cancer burden, with bacteria and parasites accounting for the remainder.” This is in line with the some of the current treatments overseas, for example at some of the German clinics and the groundbreaking work of RGCC the laboratory in Greece that we recommend for genetic and molecular testing. There will be more about this in the Survive and Thrive Club’s free newsletter – subscribe at

However – just because we are getting closer to causes of cancer – doesn’t mean that we can change years of pre cancerous cellular and DNA damage by treating simplistically with alternative medicines, juices and lifestyle changes only. We get a lot of enquiries about alternative medicine and cancer and I constantly see a lot of alt/ med casualties in my practice with patients who not only have localised tumour damage and spread – but who also have high levels of Circulating Tumour Stem cells (CTSCs); cells that give the cancer the propensity to activate and spread. By and large – patients have not been told about these cells. Today amazingly, many choose the alternative treatment path exclusively;  finally coming to see me when their cancer has progressed to Stage 4. If you are of the belief that this is not an important issue, I have included a photo of what is an increasing trend – keeping a breast tumour and treating it naturally. Fungating breast tumours (untreated tumours that have broken through the skin, forming a raw suppurating crater or a deep scab) are definitely on the increase. Local Integrative GPs are also reporting an increase in these neglected tumours. Some are treating breast tumours with ‘black salve’ finishing up with a similar fungating affect.  See pic. above  – I have seen several breasts like the one above this year!

Precious time and lots of $$ have often been spent on treatments that were unlikely to work anyway and the battle for survival and longevity continues  while in the meantime there has been insidious spread. Ultimately patients find themselves back in a conventional treatment environment – having to accept treatments they once feared.

So next time a viralled email with the lastest in alt med cancer cures arrives in your email box – please consider the consequences before forwarding. What appears to be an act of care & kindness may in fact lead someone on a dangerous pathway for which no one is willing to be accountable or responsible. Cancer patients are often desperate to try anything and take the line of least resistance. Without knowing who or what can be believed a trial and error approach can cost a life!

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