Professor Karol Sikora – The Need for Integrated Medicine in Cancer Management

In 2003, after my bionic surgery in Rotterdam, I was asked to give the Penny Brohn Memorial Lecture for the Bristol Cancer Help Centre.  It was there I met Professor Karol Sikora and it was clear we had common aims in how an integrated system of medicine could better influence cancer patient outcomes.

Karol was the first professional whom I asked to make comment on my updated version of Women of Silence – the emotional healing of breast cancer. After reading the manuscript on the train he excitedly contacted me; writing the first accolade for the book.

This set a precedent soon to be followed by many other leading UK oncologists. Obligations to return to Australia, regrettably prevented me from accepting Karol’s invitation to be a part of his Harley Street practice.

We both hold the values of integrative medicine dear to our hearts. Interestingly, seven years on and continents away, we are both pioneering organisations that will train health care professionals in the delivery of both the art and science of medicine.

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