Pat Pilkington MBE UK on Grace Gawler's book Women of Silence

Reviews for Grace’s book Women of Silence

Author Pat Pilkington MBE UK
Published – The British Holistic Medical Association Journal ‘Holistic Health.’ No 79

Since Grace Gawler wrote the first edition of Women of Silence in 1994, the field of psycho-neuro-immunolgy has developed and expanded, bringing new clarity to the powerful interaction of body, mind, emotion and spirit. Thirty years ago when her husband developed terminal bone cancer, Grace committed every fibre of her being to finding ways of healing the disease. Together they journeyed to the edge of life, working their way through 31 different therapeutic approaches, until little by little the life force was switched on again and healing began. Transformed by this experience, they founded Australia’s first Cancer Support Group, working over the years with more than 10,000 people with cancer.

Following the breakdown of her marriage and a serious health crisis of her own, Grace has written this second edition of Women of Silence. As numerous surgical procedures interrupted her busy professional life, Grace focused her attention increasingly on the multi-layered stresses and traumas that lead to extreme physical and emotional exhaustion and illness. “We bleed energetically” she says “losing our passion for living.”
So, the Silent Women of Grace’s book, who so often struggle with breast cancer, bottle up their emotions even though they may not be instinctively passive by nature. Overwhelmed by painful experiences they keep silent; the inner void of unresolved emptiness within them making action well nigh impossible.
So this book, which has relevance for all women and should be on every bookshelf, takes the reader step by step through unresolved grief and loss, through half remembered guilt and shame, through weariness and discouragement to a place where emotional healing can be found. With immense compassion, and insight, Grace tells stories of people who have trodden the Pilgrim Path, finding their way to release, healing and forgiveness.
We hear much about the word ‘empowerment’ these days and admire self-confident, authentic women who hold their place in society with ease and independence. Grace leads her ‘Silent Women’ through a therapeutic programme that gives them access to this sunlit world. Creative imagery, relaxation, meditation, spiritual intention, affirmations and de-stressing, lead to healing and restored boundaries, greater resilience, trust and faith.
Women of Silence is a handbook of health and healing addressing the strong emotional components especially associated with breast cancer; it gives practical advice, help and encouragement to re-connect and restore body, mind, emotions and spirit.
This review was authored by Pat Pilkington MBE Co founder The Bristol Cancer Help Centre, Bristol, UK. (Now Penny Brohn Centre, Pill UK)