~ Triumph Over Adversity ~ Grace, Grit and Gratitude

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The uplifting autobiography of the co-founder of the world famous Gawler Foundation. In 1975, Grace had a promising future. A young vet nurse planning to study veterinary medicine, she received a lucrative modelling offer which would have paid for her university fees. Disaster struck when her boyfriend, Ian, lost his leg to bone cancer. With no one else to help, 21-yearold Grace decided to become his full-time carer, whole-heartedly believing his cancer was curable. She married Ian when he was given just 2 weeks to live!
She directed her passion into his healing, focussing on juicing, massages and pain management whilst researching every cure imaginable. Her efforts paid off and he survived. Continue reading “~ Triumph Over Adversity ~ Grace, Grit and Gratitude”

The Healing Journey-2 CD set

Creative Visualisation for Healing and Wellbeing
Creative Visualisation for Healing and Wellbeing

Creative Visualisation for Healing and Wellbeing:
The Healing Journey-2 CD set – Grace Gawler & Michael Johnson
CD#1 Guided Visualisation-Using principles of Music Therapy, the sounds and dialogue are designed to activate and increase awareness, enhance immune response and endorphins. Babbling brooks and magical calls of Austalian native birds create a unique, easy listening experience.
Cd#2 Music only. The same music. Use your own visualisation or simply meditate to the music. $30  Buy online  

Cancer Survival – Optimising your Chances

Surviving Cancer -The Field of Possibilities...Cancer Survival:Optimising your Chances Walking in the field of all possibilities…
with Grace Gawler – Audio CD

Recorded live at The London Haven Trust. UK

This CD provides authentic and practical information about surviving all cancers including breast cancer. Engaging and informative – you will be inspired to hear about the Gawler’s personal experience of conquering cancer.
Grace has walked in the shoes of carer, therapist and patient.
This CD is also an invaluable resource for those who are caring for someone with cancer.

Great value @ $25.00 Buy online www.gracegawler.com./buy

Grace Gawler – Grace, Grit and Gratitude

A book that inspires the best in us - whatever the circumstances.
A book that inspires the best in us - whatever the circumstances.
Grace, Grit and Gratitude-the remarkable life of Grace Gawler
Inspiring, hope-filled and courageous. A highly motivating and inspirational story. If you ever thought you were having a bad time – a dark night of the soul – then this book is must read. Grace’s story shows that there can be a light at the end of the bleakest and longest tunnel. BUY NOW: www.gracegawler.com

Grace Gawler-Her Memoirs: Grace, Grit and Gratitude

Co Founder The Gawler Foundation; Grace Gawler is best known and respected as the women who changed approaches to cancer support education in Australia. She supported and guided her husband through what was termed end-stage cancer in the 1970’s. She then helped more than 12,000 cancer patients and partners. She resigned from the Gawler Foundation in 1996 and now works independently worldwide as a consultant in cancer and complementary therapies. An accomplished author, Grace has written her Memoirs: Grace Grit and Gratitude as well as Women of Silence and A Helping Hand. She also trains the trainers, Spa Therapists and all health professionals in her original, ground breaking GEM approach to Wellbeing. To learn more about Grace Go to “About” or : visit www.gracegawler.com

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   Professor Seow-Choen with Grace and partner Pip-Singapore