Oncologists praise Grace Gawler's Women of Silence

First written in 1994 and re-written 2003, this book has not dated. In fact the need for women to embrace the gems of wisdom in this book is greater than ever

Oncologists say the following about Women of Silence

“This book is full of Thoughtful, practical insights to everyday living with cancer. I would like all my colleagues to read it.”
Professor R.R. Hall- Lead Clinician, Northern cancer Network, NHS – UK

“An essential companion for all women, it answers all the questions you often don’t want to ask. Packed with useful exercises to help you regain control of your situation, it will help you begin the healing process during the emotional turmoil that surrounding breast cancer.”
Professor Karol Sikora Professor of Cancer Medicine, Imperial college Hammersmith Hospital London UK

“Grace writes with authority and compassion. She provides women with an opportunity to regard their adversity as a great opportunity.”
Professor Neville Davidson, Professor in Clinical Oncology, Bloomfield Hospital Essex.
Chairman H.E.A.L Cancer Charity and Helen Rollason Cancer Care Appeal