Navigating a Realistic Pathway to Cancer Recovery – Grace Gawler

Navigating a Realistic Pathway to Cancer Recovery – Workshop

You’ve just been given a diagnosis—the big ‘C.” You thought it would never be you! You’re suddenly aware of the ‘time bomb’ ticking inside you and go into shock. Then comes a frantic period when you try to ascertain the best treatment options. Well meaning friends flay you with countless anecdotes—Uncle Harry cured his cancer eating purple emu droppings and so on. You soon experience friend-advice overload.

You scan the internet only to find out there are many types and stages even of the one cancer; many types of breast cancer for example. You type ‘meditation cures cancer’ into Google—there are close to 4 million articles to research. Now you’re in internet overload—too many opposing claims—who do you believe—what applies to you? You need reliable answers fast!

The answer may be closer than you think! For the first time in Australia, Grace Gawler will present a workshop specifically designed to take the confusion out of cancer and cancer therapies. Based on 35 years experience with over 13,000 patients, beginning as primary care giver, then qualified natural therapist, followed by a personal patient experience with a life challenging condition, Grace will share simple and practical steps to optimise your recovery.

This one day course based around Grace’s booklet ‘A Helping Hand’ will cover all that patients and care givers need to know, such as how to merge the medical and complementary models for your benefit. Attendees will explore segments such as after diagnosis – now what, understanding the nature of cancer, exploring medical options, understanding your immune system, cause and effect, theories and science, how to deal with apparent set-backs, wise use of supplements, creating your New Life using Grace’s ‘Pie Chart’ approach, and ‘possibility thinking’ Grace is assisted by men’s health advocate and author partner, Pip Cornall.

Grace Gawler: Forensic Naturopath, Herbalist, Whole Health Practitioner – DHM (dist) ATMS DBSc, Internationally recognized pioneer of Supportive Care Medicine for people with cancer. Inspired and co founded the Gawler Foundation in Victoria Assisted 13,000 cancer patients to recovery in 35 year career. Patron – Reiki Australia, Recipient of Rotary Jean Harris Award for health services. Founder of G.E.M – unique energy method for optimal healing (similar to body—psychotherapy)
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Weekend Workshops – $130.00 (early bird rates)