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New Hope – New Solutions for Australian Cancer Patients

By Pip Cornall – Director of ICS

Our new home is appropriately located on Hope Island in Qld and continues the pioneering work of Grace Gawler, inspirer and co-founder of the famous Gawler Foundation in Victoria. Grace left the foundation in 1996 when certain issues could not be resolved and has since continued her valuable work from private premises. The new centre will enable her to outreach and assist more cancer patients and their families.

Grace describes her work in the following extract –  “I describe myself as a forensic Naturopath/Herbalist with a special interest in supportive care medicine for cancer patients.

Unlike many natural therapists – I prescribe few supplements preferring to help clients access their ‘inner pharmacy’, their resilience and spirit of survival. By harnessing ‘will to live’ and ‘will to heal’ – my skill is to help patients find the strategies that best suit them  –  thereby making change an enjoyable and integrated process rather than a another stress.

I create individualised recovery plans & programs for people with cancer and other life-challenging illness, as well as helping clients to search for solutions when compromised by obscure health issues.

A bridge builder between alternative and mainstream medicine; I recommend a middle path approach to cancer management in conjunction with the best that medicine can offer, including refferals to some of the world’s best integrated oncology clinics.

For more about my services for people affected by cancer: go to Cancer Services Australia on the menu at

Comments from health professionals
Prof Karol Sikora UK says:

“The Key player in the delivery of modern medical technology is the patient, and Grace Gawler’s approach puts them in the driving seat.”

“Grace is a leader in supportive care medicine, particularly in the field of cancer and notably for her work with women experiencing breast cancer. Grace’s work remains at the leading edge of cancer care. No other single professional has lead the way in developing greater understanding of health and healing for people with cancer.”
Dr Ruth Sewell RN PhD. Former Head of Education Bristol Cancer Help Centre UK.