Grace Gawler’s G.E.M for Client Care

G.E.M for Client Care
The G.E.M approach is directed at re-educating and re-connecting a client with their body, in particular bringing awareness to how the effects of chronic stress have shaped their body – what we term, emotional anatomy. Chronic stress causes holding patterns of tension; the body tightens and narrows and a state of chronic resistance is created. The muscles, ligaments and tendons are pulled out of shape and symetry. Habitual response patterns are sculpted and molded. The client often believes that this is the way they are-the way they have been created! However, when they experience G.E.M touch; they can experience a profound letting go, the beginning of a process that re-sculpts and shifts tension and resistance long after a session has concluded. It is as if they have a “new” body!

G.E.M in Brief
Grace Gawler is the Founder of G.E.M (Grace Energy Method). G.E.M as a healing method, is the distillation and product of Grace’s full and eventful life, in particular 30 + years experience as a healer/therapist. G.E.M was named by one of her trainers and mentors; America’s Doyenne of Body-Psychotherapy; Dr Ilana Rubenfeld – Rubenfeld Synergy Method (RSM). Dr Rubenfeld had trained with the 20th century’s leaders in psychotherapy and bodywork. Synergising their wisdoms, she then led the way, creating a seamless method of talk/touch therapy. Dr Rubenfeld recognised the unique qualities that Grace brought to the RSM training and encouraged her to follow through and develop her own Training Method. G.E.M was born!

The body holds our truth. G.E.M is the key – the missing link for those who want to learn how to relax or meditate. Those who find that they are easily distracted or who are frustrated by attempts to meditate will find G.E.M to be an exceptional experience. G.E.M is the true application of mind-body medicine.

This G.E.M therapeutic change is facilitated by the use of non-intentional touch – known as the G.E.M touch. The method induces a profound and ongoing internal change in musculature and therefore posture. The result is enhanced awareness and re-embodiment. The practise is safe and non-cathartic, yet helps the client move towards their healing in a gentle manner whereby they can safely process unexpressed emotional material.

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G.E.M for Practitioner Self-Care

G.E.M – enables the practitioner to be involved in their own self-care while helping the client to be empowered and in charge of their therapeutic process. GEM reflects a method of understanding; how we as practitioners and how we can best use our energies in relation to our selves and our clients. This is experienced by way of increased awareness, our own embodiment, effective boundaries etc – in other words by ‘being’ our self-care throughout the working day. G.E.M promotes wellness in the workplace and the practise eliminates practitioner burnout and fatigue.


G.E.M is an approach to life that when practised and embodied will avoid burnout, improve relationship with self and others, increase awareness of self-care and boost immunity and health in general G.E.M is shared by way of experiential as well as integrated learning techniques. Incorporating G.E.M into your practice and life will deliver the following benefits

1.Increased awareness of boundaries of self and clients
2.G.E.M is a method that helps you identify personal stressors and provides methods to reframe; leading to increaded resilience.
3 Learn more about your personal response to stress. How stress impacts you and your client with regards to transference
4 Increased awareness of body language of self and others and its influence
5.Your abilities to sense using your hands will increase, as will intuition and perception
6 Understand emotional anatomy
7. Learn how to be present, mindful, aware and yet relaxed and be able to take G.E.M principles into your everyday life. Making the mind – body – emotional connection a reality
8.Become resilient to negative influences through choice rather than denial
9.Learn to relax effectively so that relaxation filters into your everyday day life


More about G.E.M

Grace Energy Method (G.E.M) practitioners are catalysts for change; witnesses who provide experiential opportunities for people to develop deep levels of personal awareness and mindfulness and therefore be in charge of change. It is dfferent from many healing methods that have intention to heal or fix. It differs from Reiki and other forms of energetic healing. To practise GEM, practitioners need to BYPASS TECHNIQUES – so that the client is totally empowered to do what they need to do without interference. How can practitioners incorporate GEM? Practitioners do not need to change their modality of practise; they may however develop a deeper understanding of their current modality(s). Practitioners become sensitive to when a client will benefit from GEM or a combination. This is discussed in detail in all GEM courses.

Many people struggle to embody significant changes on their own. There can be no real change without personal awareness. The role of GEM practitioners is to be present; to witness a client’s therapeutic change induced by safe and non-intentional touch. Language used during this process is invitational and subtle, reinforcing what is right with someone rather than what is wrong with them. The practitioner is a catalyst for client induced healing.

A G.E.M practitioner observes a person’s emotional anatomy with wonderment and interest. They observe energy or “life story” stored in muscles as muscle cell memory without the desire to change or fix what they see. That is up to the client!
Changes can occur by the subtle invitation of safe non-intentional touch by the practitioner who subtly invites release of, for example stress frozen in muscle memory in a client’s shoulder. The energetic space surrounding the shoulder is like a blueprint, a map that instinctively knows where a shoulder would naturally be without the contraction of the energy-life story.

When held in a place of contraction and resistance for many years, a holding pattern becomes habitual and the shape of the clients shoulder begins to morph and change shape in response to the captured energy. Non-intentional safe touch invites and allows expansion and a welcoming release of cell muscle memory. The method is safe, non-confrontational and non-cathartic and relies upon the implicit knowledge that the body knows how to self correct when given the right environment.

The change tends to be ongoing and is sustainable to the extent that self touch by the client in the future, will allow the process of expansion to be experienced at a deeper and deeper level. This is very empowering for the client and shows them how to use and trust their own resources. Using only the mind to invite change is only one part of the puzzle if we don’t include memories stored in the body, healing is not holistic. GEM has been termed a holographic method of healing on all levels of our being.