Grace Gawler writes about Cancer Survivors-new eBook

I am excited, because although I am a previously published author – the eBook concept is fantastic, providing patients with affordable access to what I have learned from my clients during 35 years with over 13,000 patients at the coalface of cancer.

Cancer Survival
Conquering Cancer Survivor's Secrets

This eBook for cancer patients focuses on dealing with the illness by rediscovering and utilising the authentic self; in other words accessing what they already know and using those strategies to create a health restoration plan. There is no focus on diet, supplements or massive lifestyle changes, because in my experience, when patients learn to live from their authentic self, they tend to make the right decisions on these issues… for themselves. Rather than focusing on what you can ingest to cure cancer – this approach invites you to explore your illness creatively, spinning gold from straw and living for however long you can authentically and with purpose and meaning.  When you analyse the majority of ‘cancer cures’ in the popular press or on the internet, you will find very little about how the person who has cancer can develop and access life-skills and strategies to deal with their life and the cancer concurrently. As long as the focus stays just on alternative, complementary or orthodox medicine and various combinations of those modalities – there will remain suffering for patients and families. It is imperative that humanistic medicine is included to complete the holistic model.

We all know that building a house, if it is to last, requires strong and well planned foundations. Working with cancer is no different. The Foundations built during the earliest possible stages of the

Author Grace Gawler

illness will ensure a more conscious and transformative journey – whatever the outcome. We all have to die someday and in our dying moments it won’t be how much of a product we ingested or how much treatment we have endured or if we followed the latest dietary trend – it will be our human values that are important; our emotional and moral intelligence, our relationships-healed or unhealed, our peace of mind with the life we have lived. How do I know? Having been at death’s door many times, I have also sat in homes and hospitals with dying patients and their families and this has given me a valuable and rich perspective on life.

Far from depressive, I have always viewed my work in supportive care medicine for cancer patients as a privilege and honour and the work has introduced me to some amazing people who have turned their situation around spinning gold from straw and thereby enriching the lives of everyone around them. So it is my hope that this message reaches as many patients as possible – because if my eBook is read, taken to heart and applied it will value add to any other healing modality. The cancer maze as I call it is a confusing and challenging path to navigate when feeling vulnerable, sick and tired.

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