Grace Gawler Navigates the Cancer Maze with Cancer Experts on Voice America Internet Radio

Dear Subscribers: Apologies for 2 recent blogs sent with cyber info that was meant to be behind the scenes jargon! I have a new blog format and still learning how to GRACE GAWLER -  (2)drive it! Hopefully this wont be a problem again.

Over the next few weeks my blog will feature the work of Professor Ian Frazer; exploring the association of viruses and cancer – you may be surprised how far and wide the associations reach!  As well as reading my blog you can listen to today’s episode of Navigating the Cancer Maze on Voice America’s Health & Wellness Channel, featuring an interview with Australia’s Professor Frazer, medical researcher who has contributed to eradicating HPV as a cause of cervical cancer…….The show has just gone to air in the USA.
More soon about Prof Frazer and how you can tune in to or download today’s show. 
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