Cancer – Grace Gawler's interview withThe GreenplanetFM Podcast -Tim Lynch New Zealand

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9 June 2011:Tim lynch writes about and interviews Grace Gawler There are many methods to treat cancer today that cover the full spectrum, from surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and drugs, to a vast array of holistic modalities and natural therapies, to visualisation and spiritual healing. 
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Listen to an exceptionally dedicated and connected healer who has worked with over 13,000 patients sharing her gifts and goodwill to empower them and their loved ones on this journey. Also mentioned is the impact of cosmetics, air quality, agriculture, food chain issues such as hormones, pesticides, electromagnetic influences etc.
Grace also teaches patients how to spin gold from straw and turn cancer into a transformative process and experience? By bridging all medical methods, Grace collaborates with oncologists in an endeavour to find the best outcomes for patients.
This very clear and inspiring interview, is a must for any dear family member, friend or associate who at this moment may be struggling to heal and recover and I wish to encourage you to pass this information to those whom you feel could benefit from Graces goodwill.
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