Grace Gawler-Her Memoirs: Grace, Grit and Gratitude

Co Founder The Gawler Foundation; Grace Gawler is best known and respected as the women who changed approaches to cancer support education in Australia. She supported and guided her husband through what was termed end-stage cancer in the 1970’s. She then helped more than 12,000 cancer patients and partners. She resigned from the Gawler Foundation in 1996 and now works independently worldwide as a consultant in cancer and complementary therapies. An accomplished author, Grace has written her Memoirs: Grace Grit and Gratitude as well as Women of Silence and A Helping Hand. She also trains the trainers, Spa Therapists and all health professionals in her original, ground breaking GEM approach to Wellbeing. To learn more about Grace Go to “About” or : visit
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   Professor Seow-Choen with Grace and partner Pip-Singapore