Grace Gawler GEM speech at ATMS Noosaville

I filmed Grace during her GEM presentation at the ATMS meeting in Noosaville. I watched as 200 therapists sat attentively during her talk. As her partner and film man I’ve seen this each time she gives a wellness speech.

Grace trained with Australian herbalist legend, Dorothy Hall and USA body-psychotherapist luminary, Ilana Rubenfeld, and is, I believe, at the leading edge of the wellness field – in the world. Why else would hundreds of oncologists turn up to hear an Australian naturopath give an address in places like London?

GEM or Grace Energy Method is derived from Grace’s vast experience as vetinary nurse, prime carer of Australia’s famous cancer patient – Ian Gawler, her time working with Filipino healers, her distinction level training as naturopath, herbalist and body-psychologist, combined with knowledge she gleaned from working with over 12,000 cancer patients in Autralia and overseas. This remarkable life gives Grace a wonderfully broad base to work from.
And it shows – that is why audiences  lap up her every word – Grace could not do what she does at this level – without having the above life/work experiences combined with an extraordinary IQ, an incredibly scientific mind and a gigantic heart.Whether you are a cancer patient, or wishing to avoid being one, or a therapist keen to expand your techniques and in fact to go beyond technique, Grace is worth investigating.
As her partner I hear the  comments ranging from – “What you told/showed us – helped us more than all the other advice we got.” – or “After hearing Grace we knew we were not only going to survive cancer but we would thrive in life” or “Grace is the real deal, she told us more in one hour than we got from all the health professionals  we visited” – the comments go on and on.

I was there when Olivia Newton John said to Grace – “That is the best keynote on wellness that I have ever heard.”
What more can I say – the woman is a healer/angel – oh and she walks her talk at home too.

Pip Cornall