Grace Gawler – GeM a solution for emotional distress in cancer patients

A key solution for cancer patients for effective stress reduction, gentle yet profound emotional release and for letting go of chronic tension with sustained benefits!

For the next week or so – this blog will focus on solutions for emotional and stress related issues for cancer patients based on my 35 years experience. Today I will discuss GeM ( Grace empowerment Method)

About GeM: GeM is ground-breaking method that incorporates body psycho-therapy, effective/invitational language, imagery & relaxation combined with ‘safe’ non-intentional touch. There has never been a safer, more helpful stress reduction method for cancer patients…

I conduct two-day highly experiential training intensives designed for all touch and hands-on therapists, massage & Reiki practitioners and naturopaths plus anyone who works in cancer support.

Although not a Reiki practitioner myself – I see the enormous value in touch for life!  I am patron of Reiki Australia

In 1979 I began my training with ATMS Founder Dorothy Hall after assisting then husband Ian Gawler through his cancer crisis. My ‘touch therapy’ made a huge contribution to his recovery. I graduated at distinction level in 1984, then added other science & anatomy/physiology studies to my skills plus overseas trainings with many experts in their different modalities of healing. I spent many years with Dr Ilana Rubenfeld – the USA’s doyenne of body psychotherapy (RSM) who endorses my unique approach to non cathartic stress release for cancer patients. Dr Rubenfeld named my Method – GeM.

What patients say: 
Testimonial – Gayle M NSW: Jan 2011 has this to say about GeM

“As a patient with advanced metastatic breast cancer, I first saw Grace in 2008 when I felt hopelsss and helpless about my poor prognosis. I experienced 2 sessions with Grace’s hands-on G.e.M approach. The sessions impacted me deeply – hard to explain… but I felt more centred, grounded and connected that I had ever felt in my entire life.
I could sense my body unwinding, muscles just melting and tension draining away.
I felt as if I was wider – taking up more space and it kept on…it sustained. I have had ups and downs in my cancer condition since, but it is now January 2011! I have no doubt that Grace’s GeM approach was the turning point for me to use my illness as a
learning curve.  

 Picture 1 – Before GeM session.


Instead of a fear-based doomed experience. I walked out her door a different woman. Since Ihave had overseas holidays and I live well. Whatever happenedduring those sessions has seen me embrace empowerment and peace of mind that I never thought possible.”

Picture 2- After 1st GeM session


 Picture 3- below left. Same Client one month after 1 st GeM

Same client. No wig 1 month after GeM

Chronic Stress creates cascades of  bio-chemical pathways that alter body chemistry that subsequently relate to holding patterns that sculpt and create ’emotional’ anatomy within muscles structures. ‘Emotional’ anatomy is a study of the body’s habitual tension or flaccidity that creates our shape and defines areas where energy is either contained or exhausted – over-expressed or under-expressed.

 For cancer patients – life trauma(s) prior to diagnosis or trauma around surgery, effects of medical treatments, changes in body image and sexuality, stress, loss of independence, redundancy or work issues and unplanned for /uninvited change all take their toll not only on mind and emotions – but also in the body which can be likened. With a thorough understanding of these processes and learning to identify where a cancer patient might need help to effectively let go of stress held in muscles. GeM helps cancer patients to reconnect with their bodies in a re energising and powerful way. Patients always report a sense of groundedness and empowerment after a session as if they had just learned a martial art!




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Training with the Grace Gawler Institute for Integrated Cancer Solutions

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