Emotional Recovery in Breast Cancer – With Grace & Power –

Excellent video featuring women talking about their breast cancer recovery journey and the role played by Grace Gawler in their success.

This video is based on Grace Gawler’s best seller Women of Silence – Reconnecting with the Emotional Healing of Breast Cancer – The film presents the emotional issues surrounding breast cancer with interviews with women who have gone through the experience and it highlights the wisdom they have applied during their recovery process. A psychologist gives her perspective of the importance of effectively dealing with emotional healing and Grace gives her insights gathered during a career spanning 30 years and more than 12,000 patients. Grace’s book further provides a series of thoughtful, practical insights to everyday living with breast cancer.

A highly inspiring watch for anyone who is dealing with breast cancer including partners/carers/families. For more information visit www.gracegawler.com Women of Silence will soon be available as a downloadable E-book for overseas buyers. A Helping Hand – a 30 page handbook for all people dealing with cancer is also available as an E-book.

Special thanks to Deirdre Hanna from Hopewell/Paradise Kids- Gold Coast, Qld, Australia, Beverley Bird, Merran Brown – psychologist and the Griffith University film school students for their passion and creativity with this production. More info at www.gracegawler.com