eBook Conquering Cancer – Oregon USA Rafting for Recovery 2011 Grace Gawler and Pip Cornall

Rafting for Recovery is a soft eco adventure tour especially designed for people with cancer or for those who have recovered. The tour is for USA citizens and we are looking for US corporate sponsors who might like to give a cancer patient the experience of their life that could improve their wellbeing and longevity. On and off the river we will be teaching strategies for recovery based on my new eBook Conquering Cancer -Survivor’s Secrets. Your raft guide leader/organiser Pip Cornall has safely taken children and 90 year olds on these amazing adventures. If you are interested as a sponsor or as a participant or if you have any enquiries – Please contact us at The Grace Gawler Institute – Gold Coast Australia.
E – institute@gracegawler.com  www.gracegawler.com/institute  

  Turn on your speakers and enjoy the video presentation below