Compass – ABC TV – Ian Gawler – Grace gawler – An Inconvenient Truth?

I am Ian Gawler’s first wife (Gayle- now Grace.) Sadly, over the years I have been diluted in the Ian Gawler healing story and now I’m totally omitted. Cancer patients can only make informed decisions if the whole truth of the events that surrounded Ian’s recovery is made known.

There is much more to Ian Gawler’s remission than was told on Compass. The most important factors were noticibly absent. Ian and I have an ethical, spiritual and scientific responsibility to be truthful and factual. A recent medical journal article about his healing 30 years on, also had the facts terribly confused, incorrect and upside down; reported in a journal that will be read by doctors who inform patients in life and death decisions about treatment strategies.

To make matters worse, Ainslie Meares also got it terribly wrong in the same journal in 1978-it was never corrected or refuted. Of real concern is that many patients are following ‘Vegan’ diets believing that this was the diet Ian Gawler followed because it said so in the medical journal. But not so-for the 22 years I was in the Gawler family kitchen Ian followed a lact-ovo vegetarian diet with the addition of fish and other seafood. The Gerson diet also prescribed cottage & ricotta cheese and raw calves liver.

It appears that Ian has a case of selective amnesia 30 years on! In You Can Conquer Cancer (1984) Ian is quoted “Many individuals contributed to my recovery. My wife Gayle (now Grace) played the most significant role by far. If everyone could have a person in their life so capable of showering total, loving care on them as Gayle has for me, disease would be a thing of the past. She has shared in all my trials and efforts and, most importantly, right from the start she always knew I would get better. No doubts—she knew—and remained devoted to helping me do it. As many have found since, she has a wonderful ability to determine what is the right thing at the right time.”

Clearly, there is what Ian could do and not do in 1975 – 1978—when his illness was critical… and there is what he is capable of doing now. You see when he was very ill in 1975-76 Ian would not have survived pursuing intensive meditation and diet. I have absolutely no doubt he would have died meditating had we not embraced other therapies. Ian and I married in 1976; when he was given 2 weeks to live.
It is a pity that Compass gave misleading information as to what a very ill cancer patient can practically achieve with diet, meditation & lifestyle changes. Remember at the most critical period of his illness INTENSIVE MEDITATION AND DIET DELIVERED NEITHER RELIEF NOR ANY OF THE HEALING EFFECTS WE HAD HOPED FOR!

I was Ian’s proactive 24/7 care-giver, inspirer, healer, organiser, researcher, cook, person who made all the juices, gave the morphine and was his chauffeur. I was on duty for 18 hours a day giving enemas, massage,injections and heat treatments. Seriously – Conquering cancer single handedly? Far from the truth!

There were long periods when Ian, with only one leg, was so wasted from diet regimes, that he could not walk and weighed only 50 kilos. Pain was so severe it became the disease and was only alleviated after we went to the Philippines.

Please see ‘About Grace’ for a more accurate and detailed version.