Cancer Survival – Grace Gawler

Written by Pip Cornall
A not for profit trust – a centre for integrated cancer solutions – is finally close to fruition. This will enable Grace Gawler to deliver quality care to greater numbers of cancer patients.

Healing has been a lifelong passion for Grace. In a career that began when she was 15, working after school at the local veterinary clinic, Grace was soon diagnosing and assisting in surgeries on animals with cancer.
Six years later, at the tender age of 21, while working as a vet nurse, she became full time care giver, motivator and researcher  for one of Australia’s more famous cancer recovery cases, Ian Gawler. She defied family, friends and medical authorities by believing Ian could recover.

This unshakable resolve is a mainstay of her work with patients today!
As it was with Ian Gawler, Grace’s work with cancer patients is legendary. Her greatest asset is an uncanny ability to deliver advice, guidance and top quality care across many healing modalities – true holistic medicine. This enables her to design treatment plans which draw on the best the world has to offer in the fields of complementary and conventional medicine.

Another vital service Grace provides is to dialogue with doctors, oncologists, radiologists and other specialists, co-coordinating diagnostics, testing and treatment. In some cases, when required, Grace will attend appointments with the patients to ask those complex questions and interpret the answers they often have little understanding of.

As a trained naturopath and herbal medicine specialist, Grace offers the best of nutritional and herbal medicine support but her work goes much further. The jewel in the crown for treating the ‘whole’ person and not just the disease is her skill in body-psychotherapy, which has culminated in a discipline of healing she teaches to professionals in the healing industry. This method of body psychotherapy enables her to deliver support across the mind/body, emotional-psychological, spiritual and energetic healing levels.

Because of her reputation for ‘getting the worst cases through,’ Grace attracts a lot of ‘end stage’ cancer patients who have trialled all manner of ‘nature cure’ regimes, including extreme diets. Unfortunately many of these arrive emaciated, with compromised immune systems, and riddled with fast spreading tumour loads. Ironically, she is then cast in the role of designing a treatment plan that brings them back into mainstream medicine while retaining proven elements of complementary medicine. In other words, Grace acts as a bridge between the two fields of medicine.

A common statement I hear from her clients is – “I wish I had found you years ago – I had no idea you had so much wide expertise enabling you to support and guide me through all aspects of cancer recovery. I feel comforted knowing you are there for me and that I have found the best help possible for my particular cancer situation.”

If you need Cancer Help – even if you live overseas (Skype consultations available)  Please contact Grace through her website www.gracegawlerinstitute .com or call (61) 7  5577 2997

Be sure to scan her website, blogs and watch the videos so you are well prepared before you speak to Grace
I’ve been Grace’s assistant for 3 years and continue to be astounded at the high quality of supportive care medicine she delivers for patients.

I wish you success on your exploration and recovery – Pip Cornall

DNA-Healing is possible. Walk in the field of all possibilities
DNA-Healing is possible. Walk in the field of all possibilities