Cancer Survival – Good News – The Patron Saint of Cancer had a Spontaneous Remission!

Patron Saint of Cancer Patients
Patron Saint of Cancer Patients

Near the end of the thirteenth century a zealous young priest of the order of Servites fell ill with a painful cancer of the foot. He bore his trial without a murmur and, when it was decided that amputation should be performed, he spent the night preceding the operation in prayer before his crucifix. He then sank into a light slumber from which he awoke completely cured—to the amazement of the doctors who could no longer detect any trace of the disease. The holy man lived to the age of eighty and died in the odor of sanctity. He became known as St. Peregrinus, the patron saint of cancer.
Extract : Medical—S. L. Shapiro, Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat Monthly; 46(10): 1306-1310; 1967
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Oncologists can help with eradicating cancer cells – Grace helps “the person” by enhancing the patient’s belief system, their will to live and their will to heal; by rengaging their passion for living whilst helping them to clarify their life goals, life meaning and purpose and much more….. The father of Modern Medicine Hippocrates said: ” Treat the person and not the illness”. However in our day of modern medicine, it seems wise to address the whole person – the cancer cells and the person’s psychology and the spirit (although often this a personal matter for the patient).  How interesting, that the Patron Saint of Cancer had a spontaneous remission!