Cancer death puts homeopathy in dock – balanced dialogue required

Australian paper’s headlines read…. Cancer death puts homeopathy in dock
Inquest hears of carers’ concerns
Dingle says wife unwilling to have surgery

The headlines discuss the Penelope Dingle inquest in Perth this last week – (see links to full articles and extracts of articles below)

This is a ‘hot’ topic with the potential to further polarise conventional and ‘alternate’ medicine. Mature dialogue is required so both polarities can see reason and become less entrenched. A glance around the internet reveals countless ‘skeptics’ blogs laced with the usual bias they purport to disdain.

It must be noted that Penelope’s 4 sisters worked for years to obtain the inquest. Supportive of homeopathy themselves, they objected to the treating homeopath claiming she could ‘cure’ cancer. It is in the spirit of the sister’s call for professionalism among ‘natural’ therapists that we must ensure dialogue is balanced and mature.

In my article ‘Healing Cancer Fundamentalism’ – see I spoke to my alarm at seeing lovely people make choices that cost them their health or even their lives.

In three years as Grace Gawler’s integrated cancer solutions assistant, I can tell you stories that would make your blood turn. Most concern patients suffering badly or dying because they chose ‘alternate’ healing paths while neglecting conventional medicine.

Sadly these were invariably ‘good’ people – they could be you or me – they’d looked after their health, exercised, ate well, meditated, spent time in nature and still they got cancer.

My articles are intended to stop this ‘lemming-like’ stampede towards what I call ‘nature-cure fundamentalism’ in cancer. Fundamentalism also exists within conventional medicine – consequently we make a point of collaborating only with oncologists who are accepting of complementary medicines.

The recent newspaper headlines (below in bold) and the short extracts (full article links provided) illustrate the controversial nature of the discussion. As always truth is hard to ascertain but in this case I know a reliable source who was involved in assisting Penelope Dingle.

If you have not read my other article on the topic be sure to do so. –

Please pass these stories around to your networks so we can bring safety, sanity and professionalism into both ends of the cancer healing spectrum. – Pip Cornall

Cancer death puts homeopathy in dock

Extract – Perth’s Penelope Dingle, the wife of prominent Perth environmental and nutritional toxicologist Peter Dingle, agreed to be treated with alternative therapies and refused to have surgery to remove the cancer soon after she was diagnosed in 2003.
Instead, she adhered to a strict diet and regular homeopath treatments before becoming so unwell she had to have emergency surgery to remove a bowel obstruction.
By this stage, the cancer had spread and two years later, in 2005, Dingle died from complications of the cancer.

Inquest hears of carers’ concerns

Extract – The State Coroner has been told a woman who shunned traditional medical treatment in favour of alternative therapies, was under the ‘complete control of her homeopath’. Penelope Dingle died of rectal cancer in 2005 after she refused traditional medical treatment and chose natural medicine instead.
An inquest is being held into her death to determine what role her homeopath and husband played in her treatment, and whether greater regulation of homeopathy is needed.

Dingle says wife unwilling to have surgery
Extract – A prominent toxicologist has testified in the Perth Coroner’s Court there was nothing he could do to make his wife have life-saving surgery to remove a cancerous tumour.
Dr Peter Dingle was giving evidence at an inquest into the death of his wife Penelope.

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