Breast Cancer eBook – Women of Silence – The Emotional Healing of Breast Cancer – Grace Gawler

 Women Of Silence -The Emotional Healing of Breast Cancer … Now for the first time this breast cancer recovery classic, updated and including videos, is available for worldwide distribution in eBook format. (239pp) Click here to purchase – $9.99

Women of Silence
Women of Silence

I have personally assisted more than 4000 women with breast cancer around the globe by means of residential retreats, consultations and support groups. This book reflects wisdom from their stories as well as their successes and day to day challenges. Realistic and powerful – Women of Silence is a book that has already changed the lives of women around the world. The new affordable eBook format gives women greater access in their home to read and study these life saving strategies.
Women of Silence remains the only book written solely about the importance of emotional healing in recovery from breast cancer. Described as a timeless classic, Women of Silence remains a valuable tool in every woman’s breast cancer Recovery Kit. The book also discusses prevention. There is a section for carers and lists of questions to ask your medical practitioner.
The book is indexed so that it is easy to find relevant topics for a brief read – very important when women are traumatised from the diagnosis alone as well as from treatments.

“This book is full of thoughtful, practical insights to everyday living with cancer. I would like all my colleagues to read it.”                 
Professor R.R. Hall- Lead Clinician, Northern cancer Network, NHS – UK (now retired)


“An essential companion for all women, it answers all the questions you often don’t want to ask. Packed with useful exercises to help you regain control of your situation, it will help you begin the healing process during the emotional turmoil that surrounding breast cancer.”  Professor Karol Sikora Professor of Cancer Medicine, Imperial college Hammersmith Hospital London UK – Integrataed Cancer Trust UK 
Dr Ruth Sewell- Former Senior psycho-therapist at Penny Brohn Centre (Bristol Cancer Help Centre) – Pill Bristol UK  2009 – Course Tutor: Diploma in the Study of Integrated Medicine, Integrated Health Trust, Bath UK, had this to say about ‘Women of Silence: the Emotional Healing of Breast Cancer …

‘Women of Silence’ provides a practical and thoughtful approach to understanding the emotional consequences and responses women affected by breast cancer can experience.
It is book that answers questions that women often don’t get to ask, or even want to ask as they approach the psychological, emotional and spiritual challenges that this all too common disease creates. There are exercises to help in the process of rebuilding confidence and taking back emotional control.
Grace is a highly experienced therapist and teacher and makes no apologies for ‘saying it as it is’. This book will prove an invaluable asset to all therapists who want to really understand how to support their clients and their carers during and after the time of breast cancer.
NEW eBook format     $9.99 Instructions for download provided.**

“Grace writes with authority and compassion. She provides women with an opportunity to regard their adversity as a great opportunity.”  Professor Neville Davidson, Professor in Clinical Oncology, Bloomfield Hospital Essex. Chairman H.E.A.L Cancer Charity and Helen Rollason Cancer Care Appeal.

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