Australian Doctor – Grace Gawler comments on Ian Gawler's Cancer Recovery

Gawler Australian Doctor
22 October 2010 Gawler Australian Doctor Article

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Article reprinted from Australian Doctor with permission

For more new evidence about  Ian Gawler’s  cancer recovery see press media kit

If you, family or friends are seeking authentic  information about Integrated Cancer Solutions see Grace’s website

CAUTION: As you may now becoming aware, there are many stories about miraculous cancer cures circulating the internet and bookshops. Cancer support veterans like Grace Gawler, have seen ‘miracle cures’ come and go and sadly most were not valid.

Indeed it has taken Grace decades to correct errors in the Ian Gawler cancer cure story – a story she was involved in 24/7 .

Please fact check and cross check all ‘miracle cure claims’ and do not abandon conventional therapies. Some common cures persist such as MMS, Hydrogen Peroxide, Hulda Clark’s ‘Parasiste Cure’ (It is not widely known she died of cancer) The Gerson Diet and many others.

Pip Cornall