Grace Gawler’s Cancer Work:

It is not often a Naturopath is highly respected by leading oncologists in Australia and overseas but in Grace Gawler’s case there is good reason. After 35 years experience working with over 13,000 cancer patients, Grace is known for her uncanny intuition, an in-depth grasp of science and a broad range of complementary skills enabling her to guide the most ‘hopeless’ of cancer patients to recovery.
Although in recent years there has been much talk of ‘integrative medicine,’ few countries have adopted it widely. Grace is concerned that all too often, the term ‘holistic medicine’ is weighted to mean a range of alternative therapies which completely ignore—even haughtily dismiss western (allopathic) medicine.
But bridging the gap is Grace’s forte. It’s not uncommon for her patients to sail through chemotherapy with minimal discomfit and side effects. Nurses and oncologists, observing their excellent positive response to the chemo, commonly ask what else they are doing to get such good results.
Such partnering is true integrative medicine according to Grace and a direct contrast to the horror stories heard from patients who were ‘treated’ by self proclaimed ‘natural’ cancer healers. Lulled into a false sense of security while the tumours were steadily growing, these patients received treatments that were not only illegal in some cases, but often aggravated or hastened the disease. Some come to Grace as ‘end stage’ cases whom she often refers to overseas clinics for highly effective cancer treatment where the survival rate is higher and the treatment regime less harsh.
There is much unnecessary polarisation between proponents of natural and western medicine. The loser is the patient. An intelligent ‘partnership’ between the two is long overdue.
History: Back in 1974, Grace was a 21 year old vet nurse when her casual boyfriend and co veterinarian, Ian Gawler lost his leg to bone cancer. Defying family, friends and medical authorities, who gave Ian only weeks to live, Grace took a powerful proactive stance which is legendary today. Ian survived, their case became famous and soon they established a cancer healing centre guiding thousands of cancer patients.
Grace’s unique start was an excellent foundation for her life work. Grace explains that long before she studied naturopathy, from the age of 15 while still at high school, she was a part time vet nurse. Due to her enthusiasm Grace was soon assisting in serious operations. When Ian fell ill she had years of working on animals with cancer and also had trialled natural and conventional methods of healing.
Between 1974 and 1978, when Ian finally had his cancer remission, Grace was primed to be an extraordinary 24/7 healer, care giver, guide, researcher and motivator.  She went on to become a distinction level naturopath studying under Dorothy Hall and in the 90’s, her USA based study of body-psychotherapy with the famed Dr Ilana Rubenfeld, added to an expansive tool bag.
Although Ian Gawler initially acknowledged Grace’s innate flair for partnering natural and scientific medicine, his remarkable recovery is, unfortunately, one of the most misreported cancer recovery stories virally circulating the globe today. These stories, with the help of the internet are likely responsible in the recent upsurges of patients who misguidedly try to treat their cancer using natural methods alone.