ABC Compass – The Hidden Truth – Ian Gawler

I wrote to ABC Compass when I saw they were running a  series on Ian Gawlerbecause the public deserves to be told the whole truth – lives of cancer patients depend on it

I am honoured to be the partner of Grace (formerly Gayle) Gawler – she is a gifted healer with extraordinary knowledge and skills. You cannot discuss Ian Gawler’s cancer healing journey without including Grace’s multi- year, 24/7 effort to achieve his cure.
Grace’s brilliance working with cancer patients or training therapists is legendary. Compass left out critical aspects of Ian’s healing and some of the chronology was incorrect. I had warned them prior to the show that it might be. There was a healer and a patient—no man could do this alone.
The TRUTH is there would be no Ian Gawler without Grace – period. For years she defied family, friends and medical authorities as they explored healing modalities
Compass has not only done the public a disservice but the implications that meditation and a vegan diet cured his cancer are inaccurate. The TRUTH – for the 22 years Grace was his care giver, he was never on a vegan diet! In Grace’s book, Grace tells how Ian deteriorated while attempting to meditate with Ainslie Meares. In the end he could not even sit up and they left the sessions after just six weeks with Ian close to death.
After their marriage Grace took Ian weighing just 40 kilos to the Philippines. He went there a man dying with cancer and returned out of pain, with weight back on his bones—a man living with cancer. What happened there bears investigation. Grace learned a technique there and gave Ian 3 hours of daily massage for many years. Even after his cure in 1978 he relied on these sessions because they energised him.
Grace’s book outlines a far more plausible hypothesis for Ian Gawler’s cure. Attributing his cure to intensive meditation, diet and positive thinking is an extrapolation of what is a very complex patient history. As a yoga and meditation teacher I value my inner quiet times but as Grace says, try to meditate a wrinkle or wart away first.
The immunological response that has in the past been attributed to intensive meditation may well have been caused by a course of BCG vaccine. It is notable that the patient had TB and cancer concurrently (as demonstrated by radiography at least over a 2 year period and reported by radiation oncologist Dr Alistair Robertson (Adelaide 1978).
Even the 1978 MJA abstract written by Ainslie Meares was seriously flawed in fact and chronology. Meares claims intensive meditation was associated with Ian’s cancer cure. A recent MJA report, (Dec 2008) written by Dr Ruth Gawler (Ian’s wife) and Professor Jalinek (Gawler Foundation employee) has many more errors. Both are currently being investigated with a view to refute. Doctors, oncologists and cancer patients rely on medical journal accuracy- misreporting of the Gawler healing story has already altered the way millions of cancer patients and their families plan their treatment strategies.
For 30 years Grace has been a lone voice trying to correct these errors. She is willing to debate this issue on TV or radio anytime and anywhere