Conquering Cancer – Survivor’s Secrets – Grace Gawler eBooks

This book not only inspires – it provides tools & thought provoking concepts for taking the journey of cancer

Grace Gawler – “I believe that modern medicine provides one side of the ‘healing coin’. We as patients, provide the other side. By accessing our innate skills we can powerfully contribute to our recovery.
The subject of this eBook is how you can learn to value-add to your recovery. For over 35 years I have investigated key elements that enable cancer patients to survive & thrive or prolong their life way beyond expectation. One theme that holds true for thousands of survivors and thrivers was their ability to use the experience of cancer to transform their lives in order to survive and thrive! In other words, losing your life in order to find your life!
eBook format means that cancer patients anywhere in the world can now benefit from my experience for little more than the cost of two coffees!
You will refer to this eBook again and again – it is always there as your support and guide.”

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Conquering Cancer Survivor's Secrets