Ian Gawler Melbourne Age… Cancer experts challenge Gawler's 'cure' – Grace Gawler comments

December 31, 2011 – Chris Johnston senior writer and Julia Medew Health Editor have written a well considered article about Ian Gawler’s cancer ‘remission’ in today’s Age newspaper. Having been Ian’s 24-7 carer and then his wife who saw him through his entire illness, I can only agree with the findings of the two professors quoted in the Age story. Retrospective views in combination with current knowledge must lead to a view that considers scientific knowledge and clinical facts in the absence of hard data. It is important not become focused on an ideology & be open to accepting new evidence and critique…Carl Sagan quote: “Exceptional claims call for exceptional evidence.” is very appropriate. Professors Haines and Lowenthal have indeed presented exceptional evidence in this case.

Grace Gawler – First wife disputes….The Australian Oct 2008

The article is gaining media momentum around the country. For those of you who are regular subscribers to this blog; you are no doubt aware that the Medical Journal of Australia published a refute letter authored by me in 2010 as a response to an inaccurate review of Ian Gawler’s remission story titled “True Stories” MJA Dec 11 2008. The authors of the published manuscript, Dr Ruth Gawler and Professor George Jelinek had reported a previously incorrect clinical timeline, with incorrect dates  along with serious errors and omissions. The famous photograph of Ian’s chest wall  was incorrectly dated – I have the originals. After many attempts to open a dialogue, the authors failed to respond…there was a ‘cocoon of silence’!  Unfortunately, my refute letter was smoke-screened and deemed by media as “quarrels between ex wives” in The Australian newspaper (Oct 2008) while the Australian Doctor reported the published letter quoting the “Duelling Mrs Gawlers”. These were the only 2 follow up articles at the time. A surprise for a subject so important in the public interest and given Ian Gawler later admitted in the Australian Doctor that he knew Ainslie Meares had the timeline of his story wrong – an error of 19 months! Later on his personal blog – Ian Gawler cleverly worded that he had never followed a vegan diet. However, cancer patients in the public domain were never privy to the disclosures.

The real true story therefore did not get to the most important group of people; cancer patients who should know the facts before making informed decisions about what treatments to take on board. Fortunately, my letter alerted two prominent oncologists who took my refute letter seriously and followed their investigations through to today’s exclusive press release to the Melbourne Age which reads:

“AN EXPLOSIVE new medical report has cast doubt on whether Melbourne alternative therapies guru Dr Ian Gawler ever suffered the secondary cancer from which he has claimed for 30 years to have cured himself.

The online report in the Royal Australian College of Physicians’  Internal Medicine Journal says Dr  Gawler, Australia’s most famous cancer survivor and founder of the Gawler Foundation, had advanced tuberculosis rather than the secondary bone cancer he was told he had in the late 1970s….Read more by selecting the link to the Melbourne Age:

To read more about this intriguing story select the following link. http://gracegawler.com/Institute/?page_id=3454

My Memoirs – ‘Grace, Grit and Gratitude’ – was published (self published) October 1st 2008 after Curtain University’s Black Swan Publishing lost funding for the project. They had listed it for their Blockbuster Christmas release a couple of years prior. The book had been in process for about 8 years and unlike The Dragon’s Blessing, Ian Gawler’s Biography authored by Guy Allenby; Grace , Grit & Gratitude covers areas Allenby omitted and gives a open and frank discussion about the role that TB had likely played in Ian’ Gawler’s recovery. Anomalies and the atypical pathway of his metastases was always a question for me – I knew that his TB diagnosis had  something to do with this extraordinary remission  – but there was non one willing to entertain or discuss the issue. At last – entering 2012, there are some answers for this atypical medical case in which I was so intimately involved.  Grace, Grit and Gratitude is available in soft cover or as a downloadable eBook.

A book that inspires the best in us – whatever the circumstances.

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  1. David Aaron says:

    What may I ask is the purpose of a witch hunt against Ian Gawler?

    I have read the paper by Lowenthal and have even emailed him in an attempt to understand the motivation behind the paper. Are the Authors suggesting that Ian and the foundation recommend avoidance of traditional methods? If so that is not my experience. 15 years ago my wife and I attended one of the residential programs. My wife with metastasised melanoma to the brain and a prognosis of three months and me as her carer. Without question the things we learned at the foundation (along with our use of traditional medicines) are the reasons why I can still reach out and hug my wife today.

    Grace, I fell sorry that you must attempt, for personal reasons, to damage someones reputation which inevitably hurts everyone who is struggling with cancer. I thought you were bigger than that.

    • There is no witch hunt – this has been a misleading implication from Ian’s viewpoint on his blogs…there is no attack, no Spanish Inquistion just an investigation in which he could have participated and, initially agreed to – then declined. David – Ian has to deal with his own reputation issues – this is about science nor personalities. Ian could easily volunteer his samples in the name of science and put the matter to bed once and for all. All Cancer entrepreneurs have a duty of care to be accurate, truthful and disclosive about the process of their recovery and the entire course of their disease if they claim to have conquered cancer naturally & influence the decsions of others that never attend a GF or one of his programs. FYI – Ian’s case was atypical and continually misreported. There was little medical intervention from 1976 – 1978. As Ian’s carer 24/7, this latest IMJ paper certainly makes sense to me. It amazes me how many people make emotional judgements when they were not present to experience the facts 24-7 like I was. I am pleased for you and your wife but there are many orgs today that also deliver excellent results using psycho-oncology methods as adjuncts. Sadly at our institute we see advanced cancer patients, who refused chemo or conventional treatment influenced by Ian’s anti-Chemo Australiasian tour a few years ago where he quoted a study about the poor response of chemo – that study was refuted – but patients did not get to know that. Taking out emotion, personalities and ideaologies – Haines and Lowenthals’ accurate report traces a pathway of Ian’s disease that finally makes sense. I only checked timelines – even I was intially surprised when I read the latest report – but given his history and symptoms that I nursed him through for years; it finally all made sense. At least on this website we publish reasonable comments/views and publish replies. Believe me David I am indeed much bigger than you presume….it takes courage to pursue truth against the odds. I have survived my own life treatening condition without support and I have devoted my life to assisting those with life challenging illness and will continue to do so. I sugest you read…
      Best wishes Grace Gawler.

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